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Alaska Tough: Women’s Retreat 2016

Looking for a challenge? Tired of the daily grind? Want to get back to nature? Then this retreat is for you!

Nestled in the heart of Alaska, this retreat will provide an atmosphere where you can reconnect with God through nature. Come join us for a week (or weekend) to renew and rekindle your whole self!

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2015 Abuja Women’s Day: Your Health, Your Wealth

The increase and rapid rise of chronic diseases in developing countries and especially among women, who bear the brunt in most households, was the focus of the 2015 Women Forum of the International Church of Christ (I.C.O.C.) Abuja on October 17, 2015 titled “Your Health, Your Wealth."

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Nigeria ICOC Presents Women's Forum

This October promises to be exciting for the sisters in the Abuja Church as they celebrate the 2015 women’s forum.

The theme is "Your Health Your Wealth."

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Women's Day in El Salvador: "Radiant"

On Sunday, April 19, women from the International Church of Christ in El Salvador had a women's special service entitled "Radiant."

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New Hampshire Women's Service "Understanding Goose"

On Sunday, April 12, many of the women of Granite State International Church of Christ and their friends and families gathered at the charming Millyard Museum in Manchester to hear Jeanie Shaw present a multi-media workshop entitled "Understanding Goose."  

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Paris Women's Day: Beauty Found in Inner Peace

Earlier this month the women of L'Assemblée Chrétienne de Paris, known by our family of churches as the Paris Church of Christ, had its second annual Women's Day since 2003. Like last year, we chose to host our special event on the International Women's Day, March 8, a day recognized globally and focusing on women's rights, achievements, and their struggle for gender equality. While these struggles remain for women around the world, we as disciples recognize the victory we already have in Jesus and our ultimate worth in him and in his church. Still, we thought it appropriate to celebrate our being women, created in the image of God himself, all the while addressing some of the unique spiritual challenges we face as the more delicate gender. 

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Over 1100 Women at London's Women's Day!

On the 7th of March 2015, 480 women disciples of the London Church hosted the 2015 womens event at the Hilton Metropole in London. God blessed us with more than 1100 women in attendance, a day before the International Womens Day 2015. The event entitled “New Beginnings” was incredibly faith-building for all the sisters. We saw women of all ages and backgrounds - friends, work colleagues, neighbours, sisters, mothers and daughters - come together for an afternoon of inspiration, joy and faith!

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All of Me -- 2014 Arizona Women’s Retreat

“I want the truth that I believe to be the definition of me!”

With power and conviction, an all-female worship team opened this year’s Arizona Women’s Retreat with these lyrics from Mandisa’s catchy song “Definition of Me.”

About 330 women from our ministries throughout Arizona participated in the “All of Me” women’s retreat held the weekend of August 9-10, 2014 at the stunning Hilton El Conquistador resort in Tucson. I enjoyed watching us all come together - mothers and grandmothers, campus students and professionals, old friends and newcomers - to participate in two days of teaching and worship.

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Singapore Takeaways

Fifty years ago the city was filled with poverty and pain.  Kicked out by its “motherland,” Singapore was left to fend for itself.   With a love for the city and an emerging vision, a leadership gathered willing volunteers to catch the dream to build a nation—which today stands as one of the top world cities and nations.  Singapore, Singapore.

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Nigeria ICOC Holds National Women's Retreat

Almost 500 women from our churches all across Nigeria converged in the ancient city of Ibadan, capital of Oyo State, from the 29th to the 31st of May 2014 for the second edition of the National Women’s Retreat of the ICOC.