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Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas, a single disciple from Los Angeles, turned her cancer tragedy into an opportunity to help others, especially cancer stricken singles and single moms. Robbie been a a guest speaker for many survivor events including Cedars Sinai Hospital’s Annual Cancer Survivor Luncheon. She has been noted for her work starting a website Maiden Flight and a fund raising effort, Touched by a Survivor, to help patients internationally. Her story is below:

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Breathe. Midwest Women's Retreat 2008

Stop. Relax. Take a breath. Be still for a moment and reconnect with your Maker at the Chicago Church of Christ's 8th annual women's retreat for the midwest and beyond.

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From Breast Cancer to "Most Harmonious Family"

We cannot choose what happens to us, but God gives us the choice of how to respond. Kevin and May Lo were honored as one of 10 to receive the "Most Harmonious Families" award -- while she was going through breast cancer treatments.

Saturday, 28 June 2008 05:11 Written by

Don't Freeze Frame

Sheila Jones consistently shares bits of wisdom on the DPI website. Here is one of her gems to give us reason to stop and think about how often we "Freeze Frame" one another and be grateful God does not.

Friday, 11 July 2008 19:00 Written by

DPI New Release: God's Pitcher

"This book is a treasure. As I read it, I laughed, I cried, and most of all I thanked God for his wisdom and truth. I want to keep a copy for the rest of my life!" (Jeanie Shaw, Women's Ministry Leader, Boston)

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A Powerful Noise: 2009 International Women's Day

On March 5th, we celebrate International Women's Day. To commemorate this day, the US is having a one-night only film called "A Powerful Noise". As women and girls, we have the power and ability to make a difference in our societies.

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