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MITs (Mothers in Training), Titus 2 in Action, Hampton Roads, VA

After grabbing a quick yogurt for breakfast, kissing my husband and my two-year-old good-bye, and buckling the baby in the car seat, I rushed out the door on a cold Saturday morning. I did not want to be late. I had missed the last meeting while home with my new baby, and was looking forward to some much needed fellowship time with my sisters.

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Revival in the Scandinavian Campus Ministry

The churches in Scandinavia lost a whole generation of students a few years ago. Now they are rebuilding the campus ministry. Kim Reed, who leads the women in the church, is thrilled by the fact that help is coming from various corners.

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Happy New Year from Women Today

How did you bring in the New Year? Likely some of you celebrated with a few close friends, some dressed formally for large gatherings while others were in their pajamas and fell asleep before the clock struck midnight. Some kissed a love one while others wished for or missed a special loved one. Some were full of gratitude and confidence, and perhaps others of you felt somewhat lonely or fearful. Some shouted, some toasted, some sang and others may have “prayed in” the New Year.

However you began the year, please take some time within the week to count your blessings from this past year, take stock of decisions you made that affected your life, and decisions you will make that will steer your course from this day forward.

Friday, 03 December 2010 22:05

Welcome Home, Natasha!

New England Preteens Help Ukrainian Student to become a Christian!

Sunday, 28 November 2010 23:54 Written by

Seeds of Faith, Mainland China Campus Ministry

Being a disciple of Jesus in China is never easy. The churches remain underground, family pressure is intense, fear of persecution is always lurking in the background. The campus students have shown great faith and tremendous courage and the ministries have seen a lot of young people become disciples in this most difficult environment.

Saturday, 20 November 2010 14:50 Written by

Bountiful Beauty in Burundi: Bujumbura Women’s Day

The sisters of the Bujumbura church in the capital of Burundi had an amazing Women’s Day under the banner of “Spiritual Beauty”. Surrendered and faithful were suitable words to use when looking at their faces leading up to the big event. And God came through as the 17 sisters had an attendance of 159 women, by far the largest Women’s Day attendance for the Bujumbura church.
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Victorious Women, New Delhi Women's Workshop

Every six months the New Delhi church holds a women’s workshop to meet the needs of the women in the congregation.. This past Sunday, the theme of our workshop was “Victorious Women”. Joyce D’Sa was the main speaker. She had just returned from helping the mission team plant the church in Manipur, her birth place.

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"I know the Plans I Have for You"

I was a single mom of two teenage daughters and had been a disciple for eleven years when I came to realize that I had been living my plan for my life and not God’s plan. Proverbs 16:9“In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps”.

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Going for Gold

Success sometimes comes at a price. Growing up in Hong Kong Yvonne was a very talented young lady. She excelled in many areas of her life but she really stood out in her swimming abilities. As a young teen she set records and she competed in the 2004 Olympics. Quite an achievement, one might say!

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Yes, I Am My Sister's Keeper

Teens in India, especially girls, face tremendous obstacles when they try to make their own decisions. Choosing to follow Christ is one of those tough times when these young women have to stand up for their convictions and face odds a lot of us in the Western world cannot relate to.