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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 10:40 Written by

Be Bold for Spiritual Change: God Answers Prayers

Praise God for his love and power on behalf of his daughters. On Tuesday, March 7, the sisters in our family of churches around the world joined together in a day of praying and fasting for unity, boldness, compassion, courage, clarity of our mission, and humility. The following day, International Women’s Day—as many women around the world were marching and protesting—our sisters were being bold for God. We know that God’s Spirit carries our prayers straight to the ears of our Father, and that his power and love will continue to work through us as we seek to take Jesus’ message of salvation, value, and purpose to everywoman.

Monday, 13 March 2017 22:04 Written by

The Right Conditions

The first part of this new year has been overflowing with reflections, learning, practicing, and understanding victory through surrender. I've read some great books and spent time in deep conversations about spiritual warfare, victory, and surrender.