We are on the cusp of a tremendous shift in our movement.

For decades, our churches have focused time, energy, and resources on reaching our teens. We hired youth and family ministers. We engaged volunteers devoted to mentoring and studying the Bible with our high school students. We had teen Bible talks and devotionals. We hosted events, lock-ins, proms, youth camps. We sent our kids on trips both to domestic and international destinations, to serve and connect with those in other churches. We prayed with them, for them, over them.

'Rise Above' is a week-long conference and camp combined to pave the way for days of fun, bonding, and spiritual development for Caribbean youth ranging from nine to 25 years old. It will take place from July 30 to Aug 4, 2017, at the Hampton High School in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

We are looking for just the right people to cook and manage our kitchen at Camp Hope for Kids – a fun and fulfilling way to spend your summer! The job includes supervising and coordinating all food services while making sure everyone at camp eats healthy, tasty and cost effective meals.

At the recent New England Teen Winter Retreat, the young women and disciples attending this event decided to conduct a “March for Jesus!” In Freedom, New Hampshire at Camp Cody, teenage women came together for the love of Christ.

Winter Youth Camp in Canada

by Monday, 27 February 2017 16:09

Exciting news from the North!

Earlier this month the Youth and Family Ministry in Toronto, Canada hosted another round of their annual Winterblast youth camps at Camp Kawartha --about 2 hours east of Toronto. These weekend winter camps are a fun, spiritual boost for preteens and teens alike.

There was so much interest in this year's preteen Winterblast titled, "Just Live It". At final count, there were 88 / just under 100 preteens in attendance! One week later, 68 teens met at the Kawarthas to discuss how they can "Level Up" in their relationships with God and with others. Many counsellors were on hand to serve as cabin leaders, chaperones and discussion group leaders to help make both weekends a success.

The students listened to inspiring lessons, had great worship sessions, and had opportunities to play fun outdoor winter games. They prayed under the stars, got up for early morning bible studies, made craft bracelets, were treated to dance classes and enjoyed each others' antics at lip synch and dance off competitions. The students always enjoy the chance to be with friends who have come from different churches; there were kids from several cities including Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, Brampton, Kingston, and Newmarket. Winterblast allows the students to steal away to beautiful winter scenery be inspired by nature and draw closer to God.

It is an important charge and an honour to serve the youth in our churches through events like the Preteen and Teen Winterblast events. Many come away with a renewed outlook and greater resolve to pursue God with their whole heart.

Thank you to all who help to facilitate these kinds of getaways. Together, we can help guide our youth to Christ, one day, one talk, one step at a time.

Registration for the 2017 Family Conference, entitled "All Generations" is well under way. This conference aims to inspire and equip people from all over to pass on the faith from generation to generation. As God builds his multi-generational Church, Christians will continue to fulfill God's call to seek and save the lost of all nations.

In the heart of every Christian parent is the desire to give their child the blessing of a relationship with God. In this season of giving, we invite you to invest in your children’s spiritual future by registering for the 2017 All Generations Family Conference at

Our vision is to strive towards God’s dream of a thriving, multi-generational church that will reach every generation in every corner of our world with the gospel of Christ.

On behalf of the eldership and the family ministry of the Denver Church of Christ, we wish to welcome you to the 2017 ICOC Family Conference, held September 1-3, 2017 in Denver, Colorado!

Reach2016 was absolutely amazing! The product of the countless man-hours and personal sacrifice from thousands of disciples, though impossible to quantify, will certainly be substantial and long-term. Nevertheless, I report to the church the impact on the life of one individual who is turning his recovery fight from a tragic accident into inspiration to an entire region of churches!

When my son was born and we brought him to church for the first time, I stood full of a father's pride displaying him up high in the air like Simba in the Lion King.  Months later my pride was replaced with concern as I began noticing he was different than other infants. He could not look at our eyes or faces like newborns often do. Instead, he always turned his face away when we looked at him.

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