Knock, And The Door Will Be Opened: Good News from Papua, Indonesia Featured

Monday, 27 January 2014 11:14
Sorong, Papua -- "Knock, and the door will the opened to you" describes the journey of our newly baptised sister, Mrs. Langgeng. She is a submissive wife, never confronts any word or decision of her husband. They live in Sorong, Papua and they are from another religious background. She has struggled for more than a year for her husband to allow her to make Jesus her God and Savior. God has answered her prayer. He touches her husband’s heart to permit her to be a Christian who is committed to God.

goodnews sorongIbu Langgeng’s love to Jesus began with our sister Rina, who persistently came to her house every Monday and Thursday to share God’s Word. The Word bore fruit in her heart that she longed to gather around with disciples. In Sorong Church, there is weekly midweek service. To go there, Mrs. Langgeng had to ask permission from her husband. At the time, he still kindly allowed it.

The Bible studies kept going on and every time the Bible was opened, Mrs. Langgeng was so zealous to do it. By the power of God, every challenge can be done by her. The next challenge was to invite her husband to know the Kingdom of God. This wasn’t easy, but with wholehearted prayers and the power of Holy Spirit, she could finally ask her husband to come to a Sunday service. God softened his heart.

Joyfully, Mrs. Langgeng came to every service Sorong Church had. But, she was reminded by the Word that salvation is not because of the commitment one has to go to services only. Repent and be baptised are the steps to take. When she told this to her husband, he disagreed. He rejected her will to be baptised. Despite the bad feedback, she kept praying, faithful, and doing the God’s Word.

Mrs. Langgeng kept obeying the Word of God even she was given the cold shoulder. She kept having her quality time with God. She was joyful whenever and wherever it was. These things were not left unnoticed by her husband. He could see her on her old age stayed faithful doing God’s Word and was joyful because of it. God touched his heart so that when Mrs. Langgeng tried for the second time talking about her decision to baptised, he agreed. Praise God!

Mrs. Langgeng’s husband finally allows her to follow Jesus because he can see that she is so eager and serious about salvation. He is even glad to support the decision. It is the most joyful time for Mrs. Langgeng as she finally can join the Kingdom of God. After more than a year struggling, God has opened the way.

Amen. To God be the glory!

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