Bible Talk Series: "Friends" Part 1 - Andrew and Philip

Saturday, 10 September 2016 10:26

Friends in ChristThis will be a five-part weekly Bible Talk series, starting with Part 1: Andrew and Philip. The text is John 1:35-51. Click here for Part 2 or Part 3

Q: Who is the biggest celebrity that you have ever met?

Q: Have you ever introduced a friend to another friend?

Verse 34:  John's confession (he himself was very well known and had many followers), see also v. 36

Jesus makes friends:

  • Andrew and many believe John
  • (v. 38) Q: What would you do if somebody started following you and asked you where you were staying? What might you think?
  • (v. 39) Q: How is Jesus' response different? What was the result of this encounter?
  • Q: What is challenging for you about making friends quickly/establishing connection with people you don't know? What can we learn from both these men and from Jesus?
  • Analysis

Andrew gets Peter, a friend for Jesus:

  • (v.40-42) Q: What does Andrew do?
  • Q: What does this suggest about his character?

Jesus gets Phillip, who gets a friend for Jesus:

  • (v.45) Q: What is Philip's response to being called by Jesus?
  • Q: Nathanael needs some convincing, but what does Philip invite him to do? Come and see (Jesus does the work of convincing)
  • Andrew and Philip introduced their friends to the most important person they would ever meet...Jesus!


  • We should be making friends and introducing them to Jesus!
  • Disciplemaking is happening in the form of introduction, invitation and friendship building/connecting
  • Q: What might have been difficult about that for Andrew or Philip?
  • Q: What might be difficult about that for us?
  • Q: How can we put this into practice in our ministry?


  • Introduce/Invite someone to Jesus this week
  • Study the Bible, get to know him as a friend.
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