RMSMT Growth and Church History Class Offering Featured

Monday, 13 February 2017 10:00

We at RMSMT are grateful to God for his work in growing our school from seven students 18 months ago to now having 37 students! This is an increase in enrollment of over 500%! We now have students from all over the world, including Malaysia, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Granada, and the United States taking classes.

rmsmat smallPlease keep all of our students in your prayers and that God will use them mightily in spreading God’s word to the world as they train to be better equipped in evangelism, ministry and a deeper understanding and application of the Bible. If you would like to join our classes for Master’s Degree credit, please let us know. To enroll you need only to complete our application form (online at www.rmsmt.org) and have a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject.

This semester we still have available spots in our Church History class for those who may want to take it for Master’s Credit or to audit. This course is taught by Dr. Steve Kinnard from New York and surveys the history of the Christian Church from its inception in the first century to today. This course is an eight-week course beginning March 19 and continuing through May 13. The entire course will completely online with video lectures from Dr. Kinnard, online discussion, and other enriching assignments.

Course Cost = $50 for auditors and $600 for graduate student credit.

Please contact Dr. Glenn Giles (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information and to register.

Also see our website at www.RMSMT.org

Thank you,

Glenn Giles, PhD
Director RMSMT

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