Ukraine: Campus Disciples United in the Divided Capital Featured

Written by  Shawn Wooten -- Kiev, Ukraine Thursday, 13 February 2014 02:12
Greetings from the Eastern European Leadership Conference and the first annual Eastern European Winter Campus Conference!

Brothers and sisters from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union, joined together for an inspiring time of worship and Bible study! The leadership conference was titled "Christ-Focused Leadership." It was a great time to strengthen our resolve to imitate and be close to Jesus! After the three-day conference, campus and teens from all over the Ukraine as well as Russia joined the conference! For the youth the topic was “Heart of a Champion” were the Holy Spirit focused us on persevering and giving our lives to Christ and His Gospel!

AT Arneson, Ed Dawson, and Tom Cates where guest speakers and had a tremendous impact!

Just a few miles away from the event there are barricades and division, all claiming to have the way to a better life.

Praise God for the International Churches of Christ and the unity that Jesus brings, as he leads us to live our lives for Him and for the salvation of others!

Video by Vlad Sergienko

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