"Crossing the Line" Video Series from Minneapolis-St. Paul Church Featured

Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:00

crossing-the-lineWelcome to the “Crossing the Line” series from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Church of Christ. This series is not intended to be the definitive and final word on the complex questions of race and culture in our world today, but it does represent countless hours of prayer, discussion, research and getting the perspectives and opinions of hundreds of disciples from around the world who were engaged in conversation before undertaking this endeavor.

We would like to advise our viewers, from the beginning, that this series attempts to approach these topics from the vantage point of the Kingdom of God and could easily be misconstrued if viewed through the lens of a secular political perspective, which we intentionally sought to avoid. We urge you to please watch all four videos rather than making judgments after one or two, because they are connected together as a series and can only be evaluated as a whole.

Finally, we would like to add that this series was preached in Minneapolis, Minnesota and while we understand that others from around the country and the world may choose to watch it, the issues raised within were meant specifically to begin important conversations in our church. Please keep in mind that, above all, we value the love and unity of the body of Christ—that is our sole intent in exploring these topics.

Watch the full series: MSPCOC or Vimeo.

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