Meeting Mack

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 14:15

Mack Strong OwenThis summer at the Reach conference in St. Louis I got the chance to meet my favorite athlete ever: two-time Pro-Bowler, former Seattle Seahawk, Mack Strong! He's my childhood hero, and I have longed to meet him for years!

When I first saw him, I was leaping with joy and disbelief, as I was about to meet my hero.  When he saw me, and what I was wearing (I was decked out in Seahawks gear), he gave me a huge smile, and greeted me warmly, and asked me if I was from Seattle. I said no and that I was from Denver, and he looked completely shocked. Then, he asked me why I like the Seahawks, and I told him that I love the Seahawks because of him. Then he smiled warmly again, and said that he was glad to hear that.  

mackstrongHe also asked me why I am such a big fan of his, and so I told him that it wasn't because of his talent or anything like that. It was because he was a Christian in my church, and I told him that he still would've been my favorite player, even if he didn't play one second in his whole NFL career. After that, he eagerly signed my Seahawks hat, and shirt, then he took a bunch of pictures with me.

He didn't know it, neither did anybody else except for myself, but during this whole breathtaking experience, I couldn't believe I was meeting my favorite athlete of all time. I told him to enjoy Pullman, Washington, and then I left the building still completely shocked at what had just happened. This had to be not only one of the greatest days of my life, but one of the greatest experiences of my life in my 11 years of being on planet Earth.

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