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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 09:11

Elroy SmithElroy Smith loves God and everyone around him. He is an accomplished, awarded executive in the radio industry currently serving as Operations and Program Director for KRBQ and KBLX in San Francisco.

Many years ago Elroy became a disciple of Jesus through the Chicago Church of Christ ministry to professionals. God blessed him with his wonderful wife Vonda and now they celebrate life with their three beautiful children. We asked Elroy to share some of his experience as a Christian professional. Also note how his light shines in the linked article at the end.

What have been some of the greatest challenges to your faith? How did God see you through?

  • I almost got involved in a business venture that would have caused me to lose everything. After prayer and advice from my wife, I decided to back out of the venture. To this very day, I know that God saved me from a life of turmoil and a lifetime of debt. 
  • I wanted to break up with my girlfriend after a few months, because that is what I did in the world. I am grateful to two Christian brothers, Bryon Parson and Roger Simmons, who advised me to not walk away. Having godly men in my life saved me from making a decision that I would have regretted for the rest of my life. That girlfriend is now my wife. She is an amazing wife, partner, supporter, nurturer and mother to our three kids.
  • When I am struggling being a Christian, I know that God feels my pain and will help me conquer my challenges. Without God, I would rely on my gut and my flesh, which are both dangerous. 

What are some of the main things you have learned as a disciple? 

  • The Bible is the best book to follow if you are looking for a life of peace and joy.
  • You reap what you sow.
  • Wait until you get married to have sex. When I gave my life over to Jesus, I waited until I married my wife, Vonda, before we were intimate. We have now been married 20 years.
  • You can be very successful in your career if you use the Bible as your standard.
  • When you are persecuted, know that you are doing something right.
  • People are inspired when you are transparent and honest about your life.

How do you share your faith in the workplace?

I love sharing how God rescued me from a potentially regrettable life. I am not big on standing outside of a grocery store, asking people to come to church. Many times, it is a turn-off. I like going about my day-to-day life and discussing my love for Jesus at the appropriate time in a given discussion. Recently, here in San Francisco, a gentleman made an appointment to discuss business. We never got to the real reason why he came to visit, because I ended up sharing with him about my godly marriage and how God can bless his life with his intended bride, if he is obedient to his Word. After a one-hour discussion, we never addressed why he wanted to meet. He has since been out to a Bible talk discussion at my home and visited church with his fiancé. 

Read more about Elroy’s life, career and faith: “Radio’s Success Story, KBLX PD Elroy Smith.”

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