Apply Now for Conference Director of the 2020 ICOC World Discipleship Summit

Thursday, 11 May 2017 12:32

We are seeking a member of the International Churches of Christ to serve in this crucial role as the Conference Director of the 2020 ICOC World Discipleship Summit in Orlando. With these events growing from the 17,000 who attended the 2012 WDS in San Antonio and the 18,000 attending the 2016 Reach event in St. Louis, it has become obvious we need someone to lead this great 2020 effort so that we don’t put the entire burden on the local church. Please see the job description below and notify us if you are interested.

Job Description: 2020 ICOC World Discipleship Summit Director

2020 WDS Vision graphic

The ICOC World Discipleship Summit Director will lead a team responsible for producing and executing our 2020 World Discipleship Summit (WDS) in Orlando, Florida July 2-5, the largest single event of our movement, with 20-25,000 expected attendees from all 33 ICOC regional church families.

This role will be part-time beginning January of 2018 and full-time from early 2019 through September 2020. Compensation will be determined according to age, experience, etc.  


The ICOC Conference Director will be selected by and be accountable to the ICOC Events non-profit management team. The Director will work closely with the host church, the Orlando Church of Christ, to ensure a unified, seamless experience for everyone. 


  • Program:

    • The ICOC Chairmen Service Team is responsible for the WDS program. This Team will appoint Directors for each of the various conferences that combine to make the summit:  i.e.
      • Main Sessions
      • International Leadership Conference
      • International Singles Conference
      • International Campus Ministry Conference
      • International Families Conference
      • Spanish Conference
    • The ICOC WDS Director will coordinate and collaborate with the directors of each conference to arrange for the facilities, schedules, and amenities needed for each one. Creative ideas from the WDS Director are needed and appreciated.
  • WDS Event Management Team Building/Delegating: Build and support an innovative team of department heads, who in turn will recruit team leads and volunteers. The WDS Director will lead the department eads, developing plans for each department including staffing, tasks, timeline, and activities required to successfully execute each area of the event.

    • Department Heads for the 2016 North American Discipleship Summit included:
      • Budget
      • Registration
      • Hospitality
      • Marketing
      • Site Coordination
    • Communications:
      • Work closely with ICOC Service Teams to arrange for the facilities, schedules, and amenities for all aspects of the programs. 
      • Represent the WDS as required across the ICOC and leadership, communicating with evangelists, regional chairmen and delegates, service team members, and churches.
      • Updates and reports consistently sent to the ICOC Leadership.
      • Close coordination and communication with the host Orlando Church of Christ and their designated representatives.
    • Budget and Planning: Streamline event systems and operations by reducing costs and redundancies. Establish cadence and best practices for measuring and reporting on ROI for all event-related activities. Work closely with the Orlando Church to establish the best possible registration fee to cover costs and keep the event solvent.
    • Marketing: Guide planning and management of interest generation activities and communications in order to drive registrations and excitement for the summit, building on the excellent marketing from the continental 2016 Reach event in St. Louis and the other continental conferences.
    • Logistics and Onsite Execution: Responsible for seamless execution and production of the events run of show, including staging, lighting, timing, audio and video presentation.
    • Creative Execution: Develop creative program concepts and precision management of the World Discipleship Summit to ensure overall event is one-of-a-kind and unmatched.
    • Presentation and Wrap-Up: Lead the creation of presentation materials to track the progress of the events and create wrap reports for the ICOC Events non-profit team, ICOC leadership, partners and sponsors.
  • Requirements:
    • Strong, mature relationship with God. Passionate to honor God and build his church
    • Commended by local, regional and international ICOC leadership
    • Proven collaborator and leader in developing and driving organizational priorities and initiatives
    • 5-10 years experience managing high performing teams
    • A+ negotiation skills
    • Proven event development and production experience
    • Excellent, proven ability to coordinate and communicate with leaders and members
    • Excellent spiritual and organizational leadership of multiple teams 
    • Strong organization and project management skills
    • Strong budget and analytical skills and experience with ROI reporting and analytics
    • Excellent, inspirational communication skills, both written and verbal, and experience giving effective, quality presentations 
    • Creative, innovative, curious, resourceful and results-oriented
    • Values having FUN, while being INNOVATIVE, PASSIONATE and OPEN

To apply:

Send the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will be forwarded to the ICOC Events Team.
  • Cover letter introducing yourself, your qualifications and explaining your desire to serve in this role.
  • Professional resume emphasizing your experience and skills that qualify you for this role.
  • References spiritually and professionally
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