Man Night

  Tuesday, 15 January 2013 07:06
Have you felt like something is missing in your spiritual life? That life isn’t as exciting as what you hoped it would be? Maybe it is something complicated, or it could be as simple as Man Night. Spending time with other godly men who make a commitment to be men of God and nothing less.

Man Night! A time where men do manly stuff. Not a difficult concept, but with the busyness of each of our lives, when do we have the time. Sure, we might get together occasionally one-on-one, but how about for 5 on 5 basketball? Saturday afternoon football? Fishing trip? Canoe trip? Or a Baseball game? This is how men bond, by doing things together, and Man Night is a great opportunity for men to invite their co-workers, friends, and family out to share in a short Man Charge and have the opportunity to Man Up! Like I said, the concept is not hard, but finding the time is.

No matter who you are, every man knows what it means to Man Up. This is the very heart of Man Night. To enjoy doing manly things, to challenge our character, and to remind every man that they are not alone.

To learn more about Man Night visit and click on the links Man Charge and Man Up.

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