Men's Retreat Follow-up from Great Land Christian Church's “The Apprentice” Featured

Written by  Nick Morrill -- Anchorage, AK Monday, 13 July 2015 06:03

gateway to the arctic mens retreatBeginning May 24, 2015, the Great Land Christian Church of Anchorage, Alaska began a week-long Men’s Retreat called “The Apprentice.” Focused on following the example of others and of Christ, the retreat focused on practical ways to teach others to have the heart of a true student.

However, these lessons were not taught through typical devotionals and preached lessons. Rather, they were taught throughout each day of the retreat, as the men worked to build new cabins and prepare a lodge for the Gateway to the Arctic Camp in Talkeetna, Alaska. Each day, the men were encouraged to realize just how living and active the Word is by connecting their experiences at the retreat to the Scriptures. In this way, devotionals could happen at any moment throughout the day. 

gateway to the arctic mens retreat 2The retreat was a great success. Not only did this group of men grow together in their understanding of God’s word, but they also built five new cabins from the ground up in four days! All of this occurred at the Gateway to the Arctic Camp, which provides agricultural youth camps to disadvantaged children in Alaska. In addition, the group completed much of the preliminary preparation for the camp’s new lodge facility and built a playground. The shell of the lodge was then built during “The Apprentice – Part 2” that took place two weeks later. Overall, over 40 men from four different states and Canada participated and served over 2,000 volunteer hours.  As a result, the Gateway to the Arctic Camp has expanded capacity to serve youth in Alaska – and hopefully soon – around the world as well.

To learn more about the Gateway to the Arctic Camp, visit or visit us on Facebook.

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