Robert Carrillo Named as HOPE worldwide CEO Featured

Monday, 01 June 2015 13:03

Robert CarrilloEditors Note:  HOPEww continues their history of excellent leadership with the selection of Robert Carrillo as the new CEO. Be sure to read this article and watch the video HOPEww made a few years ago of Robert sharing his moving personal story and passion to serve the poor. 

HOPE worldwide announced today the appointment of Robert Carrillo as Chief Executive Officer, effective October 1, 2015. Robert, who currently serves as the Lead Evangelist of the San Diego Church of Christ, will succeed Randy Jordan, who has served as HOPE worldwide’s CEO since 2008. Robert was selected as CEO after a succession process of more than one year led by the HOPE worldwide Board of Directors.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate Robert Carrillo on this appointment. Robert is a proven leader in both the church and secular sectors and has actively served and promoted a strong conviction about helping people in need. He has been an advocate for HOPE worldwide’s work since the early 1990s,” said Jeffrey Jones of Chicago, Co-Chair of the HOPE worldwide Board of Directors. 

Co-Chair, Alex Hunter of Atlanta, added, “Robert has been a visionary about the role of the church in serving the poor locally and globally as is demonstrated through his founding of the Mission Center of HOPE as a ministry of the San Diego Church of Christ. He comes to us with the highest commendation of those who know him best and the leadership of churches around the world. We are excited to see where Robert will help take HOPE worldwide through his leadership and heart for service.”

Randy Jordan, HOPE worldwide's current CEO said, “After having the privilege of serving the poor through HOPE worldwide for the past 19 years, my prayer has been that my successor would be a leader full of faith about our serving ministry and full of compassion for those in need. In Robert Carrillo, we have found such a person and I have complete confidence in HOPE worldwide’s future under his leadership.”

Robert Carrillo and Mission Center of HOPEIn an expression of his vision for HOPE worldwide, Robert Carrillo said, “I am honored and humbled to accept the responsibility of serving in this great way. Randy is a hero in our fellowship and I am privileged to succeed his leadership. I am excited to lead the charge in advancing Jesus’ ministry around the world changing lives and bringing HOPE worldwide to everyone, especially the family of God. Our hearts are filled with anticipation to see the amazing things that God will be doing in the future.”

Robert Carrillo has served as Lead Evangelist of the San Diego Church of Christ since 2010. Robert has also led ministries in New York, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, South Florida and Mexico. He has served on the Evangelist, Youth and Family Ministry, Teachers and Benevolence Service Teams as part of the leadership structure of the International Churches of Christ. Robert received his Master’s degree in Divinity from Pepperdine University, where his thesis “Pure Religion” focused on the Biblical responsibility of Christians to take care of those in need. Robert and his wife, Michele, have been married for 26 years and have three children, Alexis, Elena and Andrew.

In 2009, Robert was featured in a HOPE worldwide video called "I Want to Change the World." In the video below, he candidly shares about his life, preaching the gospel and our need to demonstrate Jesus' heart through helping the poor.   

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