HOPE Youth Corps Baptisms Featured

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 18:57

ZannsBaptismExactly one week after this summer’s HOPE Youth Corps (HYC) in Jakarta, two HYC members made the decision to become disciples and get baptized! Zann and Samuel are both 15 and from the Singapore teen ministry. We are so proud of them and  how  much they have grown to reach this point. Their experiences on HOPE Youth Corps allowed them to not only change the lives of others but also changed them.  Here are their stories.

Learning to Serve and Please God

Before HYC, I was always self-focused and very insecure about what others thought of me. Therefore, during the first two days of the HYC, I was struggling to connect with the other disciples and be happy around them. This upset me. However on the second  night, we had a d-group and I shared about my insecurities and what held me back from giving my best in serving others. Thankfully, my group encouraged me and shared with me some [Bible] verses which I found very useful. I also prayed to God about it.

From the next day onwards, I challenged myself to stay out of my comfort zone and get to know each and every HYC team member. People responded well and I continued with a whole different mindset – to serve and please God instead of men. I was able to grow to have a deeper conviction in God and just being surrounded by so many spiritual and outgoing disciples who genuinely cared about me really helped me through this wonderful HYC journey. - Zann

SamuelBaptismLessons in Gratitude

Hello, I’m Samuel and what I learned about gratitude from HOPE Youth Corps. The first week, we served at a school. The children there were all so happy. I actually forgot that they don’t have proper houses to live in or proper sanitation or even a proper school to study in. They were always smiling, laughing and just playing around with us and that warmed my heart. They have so little yet they are able to be so content.

In Singapore, we have a lot more than these children, but, we still complain and desire for even more or better things. I always struggled with this. HYC has helped me to appreciate what I have. - Samuel

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