Spots Available for HOPEww Single Corps, "Dare to Serve" Trips Featured

Monday, 25 July 2016 13:43

Exciting updates from HOPE worldwide's Volunteer Programs July Newsletter:

Four HOPEww Singles Corps remain in 2016

“This was the most spiritually fulfilling trip that I’ve ever been on” -- Ed Francis, HSC participant to Haiti

  • A wild adventure in the woods of Alaska, serving the local Native American community
  • A high-impact trip to El Salvador in early November, renovating and building homes for members of the church and the people in the local community
  • A repeat trip to South Africa to serve in our early childhood program
  • A trip to Asia over Christmas serving needy communities (in light of recent development in Bangladesh, this trip is being moved to a safer place in Asia – location to be confirmed shortly)
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HYC-2-e1467769441493HOPE Youth Corps season in full swing

“As much as we changed those kids’ lives, they changed mine.” -- Angelica Garcia, HYC participant to Hawaii

Read Angelica’s full account of her service trip to Hawaii here!

As we write this, we are in the middle of HYC season. Five trips took place in June (Alaska 1, Philadelphia 1, Chicago, Scotland, and Hawaii) and they were tremendously successful!

Right now, in July, participants are serving in Budapest, Philadelphia (2), Alaska (2), Croatia, China, Papua New Guinea, Dallas, Jamaica, Kenya, and Russia. Next month, four more trips will take place in Mexico, Canada, Philadelphia (3), and Alaska (3).

We still have a few spots available on the Alaska 3 program taking place in August.

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Have a HOPE Youth Corps Christmas!

Any plans for this Christmas? How about something different? Forgo your tree, turkey, and presents, and go serve! Three “Dare to Serve!” volunteer trips over Christmas open to all (teens, families, singles, campus):

  • Manila, Philippines - come and serve in the Laguna community right outside of Manila.
  • Kathmandu, Nepal - serve at our school, vocational training center, and take part in earthquake rehabilitation work in the villages surrounding Kathmandu. The trip includes a week and a half of service, a three-day trek in the Himalayas and a church retreat.
  • Thailand (only a few spots left for male participants) - the volunteers will serve at a home for disabled children. Baan Nontapum was established on November 21, 1970 with the mission of taking care of children with disabilities (visual, hearing or various physical impairments). The target group is homeless, abandoned or orphaned children aged from seven to 18 years old and children from troubled families. Volunteers will assist children during meal times as some are unable to help themselves. Daily class activities such as physical therapy, recreation (singing and music) and arts and craft activities will involve volunteer assistance and interaction with the children.

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The sustainable impact of our service trips

HYC PhilippinesShort-term service trips are often criticized for being “voluntourism” or even actually damaging the local communities. At HOPE worldwide, we are intent on making our service trips meaningful, helpful, and sustainable. We do not claim to “save the world” on our relatively short service trips. We do intend to have an impact on our volunteers though, so they become world changers, and devote their life to service and being like Jesus.

On our recent trip to the Philippines, the volunteers took it upon themselves to raise funds after they returned home to build more houses for typhoon victims. They met many families while in the Philippines, who had lost everything in the devastating typhoon two years ago. Not only did we build homes during the two weeks of our trip, but we have continued to support the community by staying in contact and providing resources, so more homes can be built.

Pictured at right is one of the homes built in the six months following the Christmas HOPE Youth Corps with funds raised by our volunteers after they returned home.

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