2017 HOPE Youth, Single, and Volunteer Corps Registration Now Open Featured

Thursday, 01 December 2016 09:39

Jakarta HYCRegistration for the 2017 HOPE Youth Corps, HWW Singles Corps and Volunteer Corps is now open!

To register for HOPE Youth Corps and Volunteer Corps programs, go to hopeww.org/HYC. To register for the HOPE worldwide Singles Corps program, go to hopeww.org/HSC

Below is an article describing the incredible resurgence of one of these programs.

The resurgence of HOPE Youth Corps

For over 20 years, groups of young people have served all over the world in underprivileged communities. They have built homes, fed leprosy patients, taught children, planted crops, encouraged the homeless, and many other acts of service.  It has been very exciting to see tremendous growth in the last two years. In 2015 and 2016, a total of around 1,200 teens and students from all over the world took part in HOPE Youth Corps.

On HYC, young people learn to go beyond their comfort zone, in unfamiliar territory, with people they have never met before, in places where they often do not even speak the language. They deepen their convictions, learn to feel for the poor, and to care deeply. HYC transforms hearts. It is a spiritual training program: there are devotionals and discipleship groups every day. Participants have quiet times together and forge lifelong friendships.

Those who go as non-Christians often come back wanting to become disciples. Those who struggle in their faith find that HYC provides the encouragement they needed. People in the communities we serve feel the impact. People watch and become disciples. Local churches are inspired and encouraged.

zach parnellOur programs strive to be smart and sustainable. We do our utmost to benefit the communities we serve for the long-term, engaging and committing for a lasting impact. A lot of our service projects involve construction, training, fundraising, and service that leaves something valuable behind.

One of the most exciting aspects of the last couple of years is the growing international aspect of HYC. Not only do programs take place all over the world, in amazing places such as Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Nepal, Bolivia, China, Indonesia, Scotland, Alaska, and more, but our participants also come from all over the globe. Several of our trips have had over a dozen different nationalities on one HYC!

HOPE Youth Corps has also now branched off into HWW Singles Corps, HWW Volunteer Corps open to all generations, and Medical Corps. Several of our programs also take place over the December holidays, providing a way to truly give over Christmas.  Families now have the opportunity to serve together at that special time of year.

Last but not least, HYC now has an internship program, the Global Service Internship for campus students. It is a two-year internship, during which 20 students from all over the world are trained in program management, leadership, and planning. Those 20 interns get to lead their own HOPE Youth Corps.

The future is bright. Our youth, singles, and families are getting to experience the heart of Jesus in the most amazing programs. Register now for 2017 opportunities!

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