Louisiana Flooding Situation Report

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 09:53

Source: Patrick Dennis, The Advocate (AP)
Dear brothers and sisters,

Many have asked about the safety of disciples in our churches and how HOPE worldwide is helping the community enduring the flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are extremely grateful for your prayers and desire to help.  We want you to know the disciples are safe, although some have personally experienced flooding in their homes.

HOPE worldwide is in communication with the Red Cross on how we can support the needs of the over 12,000 residents who have been evacuated and require assistance through this disaster. Times like these demonstrate the amazing hearts disciples have to serve when needed most!  Here is the situation report as we understand it:

RESPONSE: We have activated the HOPE worldwide chapters in the area with Houston taking the lead. A great way to help our brothers and sisters and the community at large is by texting “HOPEWW” to 80077 to make a financial donation to our Disaster Response Fund. Emergency responders have requested we not take supplies such as food or clothing into the area at this time. They have requested that we stay off of the roadways until they give the “safe/all-clear” call.

RELIEF: There will be a need for clean-up volunteers and additional support for community help in the days and months to come. Coordinated planning and efforts are now underway. HOPE worldwide volunteers have already started staffing the local phone banks with the American Red Cross. We will also help with childcare, food lines and support from medical personnel.

REPORTING: We will do our best to keep you appraised of the situation and pass along needs as soon as they become know to us. Thank you for your support and prayers.
HOPE GDR Louisiana

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