My Journey to Asharan

Thursday, 07 August 2008 19:00

HOPE worldwide IndiaLove helps a child overcome insurmountable challenges

Varsha’s Story as told by the Asharan Staff, Delhi, India

My journey on earth must have begun at a hospital where my mom delivered me. Then I was lying on the ground near a bus stop all by myself, left to continue my journey alone. But I was too small.

A kind-hearted policeman picked me up and brought me to Asharan.
They named me Varsha saying I came down from heaven. I weighed only a little more than two and a half pounds. I was born prematurely. My body had not yet started to function normally. The doctors kept me in the incubator. I couldn’t digest feeds. I lost weight and became dehydrated. Seeing me struggle for life Toril from Adops Jons Forum donated a radiant heat warmer and a photo therapy machine to Asharan. That was a blessing to a few other premature babies also. I survived. My family at Asharan says that God saved my life.
HOPE worldwide IndiaI grew up slowly. I got so much special attention and love from the didis and bhayyas [caregivers]. The doctors soon figured out that I have Down Syndrome. My body grew but my mind developed slowly. It took time to learn things. When I first crawled, sat down, stood up, took my first step, chewed solid food, held a spoon, went to school, everyone jumped up and down with inexpressible joy. This joy and appreciation in others eyes make me want to continue learning new things. I now dress myself. I love songs. I can even dance!
For everything I do, I need a big hug. I am trying to continue my journey. I have a long way to go and big shoes to fill. Not a problem. I will keep trying as long as I have loving people waiting patiently for me to take each step.

Thank you for being that support to me.

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