The Sustainable Impact of HYC and New Volunteer Program Updates

Thursday, 24 September 2015 11:48

HOPEww AlaskaAlaska HYC Update: Making A Lasting Impact

Check out this sustainable impact of HOPE Youth Corps! We really try to have a lasting meaningful impact with the service activities we carry out on our volunteer trips. The Alaska HYC participants engaged in sustainable agriculture during the summer programs.

Here is an update from our local program coordinator, Nick Morrill: "Hey everyone, I thought you all would appreciate this: Over this past weekend, we harvested our gardens! Well over 800 POUNDS of fresh produce that is getting delivered to local food banks and given to families in need today. Thank you all again for an incredible summer serving those in need!"

HYC Volunteer Leaders: A Thank You!

Dave Roderick

As we run our volunteer programs all over the world, the vast majority are run by HOPE worldwide or church staff. We do have a few programs, however, that are run completely by volunteers. These brothers and sisters take time off work to plan, organize, and lead large groups of volunteers. They do this instead of taking a vacation and at their own cost.This month we would like to thank and appreciate some of these amazing leaders:

Dave Roderick led the Haiti Singles Corps in March 2015. He took time off work, and financed his own trip to Haiti to shepherd and lead the group of 45 volunteers. The group served tirelessly for a week. This is one of our most popular programs and we are planning another edition in March 2016. Dave is ready to go again!

Kevin and Timi Eve are what we call “salt of the earth” people. They have served in many places over the years, including a stint in Afghanistan with HOPE worldwide. They now live in Budapest, Hungary. They initiated to run a HYC program in their city.

Kevin and Timi EveThis summer they took four weeks off of work and ran the whole program. The served 24/7 for the whole time the volunteers were in town, with their three children in tow. The Budapest HYC was one of our most successful 2015 programs. As a result, a couple from Zagreb, Croatia, came to Budapest to observe, and they now want to host their own HYC in Zagreb this year also.

We are so grateful for these tireless volunteer leaders. More people have come forward, interested in hosting programs in their cities. Our churches are full of devoted, sacrificial disciples, on the lookout for opportunities to serve. Thank you!

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