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Written by  Yesenia Hernandez-Mackie Bakersfield, CA Wednesday, 03 April 2013 00:31
When you think of teachers, what do you think of? Most of us think of a little red school house, yellow #2 pencils, a blackboard, lined desks or a favorite teacher. Have you ever stopped to think of our Sunday morning teachers: the ones who teach, sing, play, and act out lessons with our children? It may be your Bible Talk leader, a campus student, a single mom or a grandmother.

Most of the volunteers serving in Kingdom Kids are exceptional, hard-working, and caring individuals. We need to recognize and appreciate those who invest so much time and effort in leading our children’s classes. These brothers and sisters give up their valuable Sunday mornings to be with the children.

When you think of a coordinator, what do you think of? Perhaps you think about passing out information, filling craft boxes, or bringing snacks. What about encouraging the teachers emotionally and spiritually? What are you doing as a coordinator to retain and recruit new teachers in your Kingdom Kids program?

It is great news, as a coordinator, to hear a teacher recruit others to serve in Kingdom Kids because they know how fun and fulfilling it is to be there. But as coordinators, we need to go the extra mile to create this atmosphere. We must remember that our job is not just training or filling up boxes or making copies, but to lift up, encourage and motivate the teachers to be in Kingdom Kids.

Some Sunday mornings can be challenging for our teachers and it takes everything in them to deny themselves and come into Kingdom Kids to serve our beloved children. And let’s face it, the beloved children are not so beloved every Sunday.

Here are some helpful ideas that you, as a coordinator, can use to encourage these heroes for our children.
  • Have a monthly breakfast (and I am not talking about donuts and coffee) a nice continental breakfast with muffins, juice and coffee would always be pleasing.

  • Have parents donate gift cards or a gift basket and have a drawing at your monthly breakfast. (Just like small children, grown-ups need positive reinforcement.) I text all the teachers and give them incentives to have their names put into the drawings. (e.g. being on time, RSVP)

  • Write thank you notes. How nice it is in today’s world to get a warm, handwritten card. Ask some of the children to sign it also. If you are tech savvy, consider sending e-cards.

  • One year I took a picture of all the children, took it to a local store and created a calendar (5x7). Whenever I went to someone’s house, it was nice to see it on their refrigerator door.

  • If your church has a bulletin, highlight special teachers. I have seen many church bulletins with the only information about the children’s ministry under “help wanted.” Why not give some printed space to our sometimes overlooked teachers?

  • Pray for your teachers!!!

  • RECRUIT the support of your church leader – and I mean that with all capital letters. Encourage or remind your leaders to thank the teachers regularly from the pulpit.

  • Have regular workshops through out the year to train teachers and invite your minister to do a special lesson for them.

  • Don’t forget the holidays –give your teachers special treats or gifts, too! They may not want or need a lot, but everyone likes to be loved, appreciated and thanked for their service.
We don’t have all the answers on how to keep the teachers encouraged and coming Sunday after Sunday, but if they feel loved, and special, they are apt to serve and stay in there longer. And good news will spread - others will want to join up!

Coordinators have a difficult job because not only are we watching over the children, but we need to watch over the well being of our teachers. They will become the children’s role models and heroes in the faith. So let’s encourage them today!

Best wishes to all the coordinators!!!!

Yesenia Hernandez-Mackie
Bakersfield, CA

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