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Written by  Virág Szabad, Budapest, Hungary Tuesday, 23 April 2013 01:22
Dear sisters and brothers!

We send our greetings from Budapest, Hungary. It’s very good to see God’s amazing work in the Kingdom Kids ministry in the last few years.

At the present time we teach 61 children about God and the Bible during our church services. Most of the children have been born in the church, so it is great to see them growing up together in God’s Kingdom.  Our teachers alternate every four months, allowing the children to know more disciples.  We aim to lead the children to get to know and love God, to think and feel that the church is their family, to find true friends, and to become disciples one day. 

The basis of our lessons is the Kingdom Kids Curriculum, for which we are really grateful.  We can see how much time, energy, knowledge, and especially heart and love were needed to prepare these materials. They are a great help for us to teach our kids.Additionally, in the last few years some of the Hungarian disciples attended a one-year Children’s Religious Education Course, and this will really benefit our Kingdom Kids ministry.

In an effort to reach non-disciple families, we organize special events every year such as a Masquerade Ball, a Santa Claus Party, Summer Day Camps, a Father-Son Hiking Camp, Father-Daughter Ball, Mother-Daughter weekend, Teen & Preteen Camp, and Youth & Family afternoons.  These fun events make it easy for the kids to invite their non-Christian friends.

We also consider it important to make the kids part of our HOPE programs, because taking care of disadvantaged people is one basis of our discipleship. Most recently, the children made Christmas cards for people in homeless shelters and children living in a children’s home – and the church handed out more than one hundred Christmas cards! The children made the cards with lots of joy and the people in need were very pleased receiving them.

We have faith that God blesses our endeavors. There is nothing as wonderful as the completion of the love and faith of the whole church at the baptism of a child who has been raised in Kingdom Kids.

”I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:6

Virág Szabad
Budapest, Hungary
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