Fruity Tunes and the Adventures of Rotten Apple Featured

Written by  Jeanie Shaw, Boston Sunday, 28 April 2013 00:52

Fruity Tunes and the Adventures of Rotten Apple

Several years ago my church was having a large gathering of several thousand people.  We had limited space for children’s classes and needed to combine several hundred preschool children and teach them for an hour (or so.)  As often happens, necessity is the mother of invention.  Thus, the Fruity Tunes story was born.

Through props, songs, Bible verses and a story of good overcoming evil (stories for kids often need a villain, right?) this little story started to come alive. I tested the story/play with my grandchildren – and they loved it.  I believe children are so eager to learn.    After recruiting some high school and college students with lots of energy, great voices and a shining example we were able to teach and entertain hundreds of children. (Juicy Juice has since been retired and replaced by Smiling Strawberry)

The story was so well received that I decided to put it in a book.  This book is particularly designed for children ages 3 to 10.

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