Characteristics of the Pre-School Child

Written by  Kingdom Kids Thursday, 21 March 2013 00:44

(4 & 5 Year Olds)

  • A player, doer, constantly active
  • Interest span five to ten minutes
  • Needs personal attention
  • Imitator and a wriggler
  • Needs short clear directions

  • A questioner who needs his questions answered in an honest manner
  • Has no conception of time or space. May say yesterday for an event several weeks ago
  • Has plenty of curiosity
  • Imagination runs high
  • Growing in concept of sharing. Still lives largely in the world if I, my, we and mine
  • World becoming a more and more interesting place to live.

  • Fear – such remarks as “God will see you” or “God will get you if you do this”, creates attitude of fear towards God. Healthy fear is good – fire, streets, but not darkness, authority, etc
  • Shyness – Praise aimed at something child has done rather than at his peers accomplishments
  • Jealousy and anger quickly emerge
  • Needs to be aided by teacher to help create a desire in the child to want to come to Church and Bible School.
  • Needs to extend his love beyond self, family and friends.
  • Needs to understand what respect for God is and also the Bible.

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