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Written by  Vicky Bergem, KIngodm Kids Editor Friday, 26 July 2013 00:51
Little Reminders!

I was recently going through some old documents when I came across this list of Lead Teachers Responsibilities, who wrote it or
where it came from I do not know.  I love to read things like this because it makes me think! Am I doing the best I can as a Children's Ministry Teacher. Am I praying for the children enough, training the other adults in the room or following all the policies in place. Although as teachers work as a team and share the responsibilites somone nearly always takes the lead. How is your leadership?

Lead Teacher Responsibilities
  1. To maintain a safe atmosphere for the children in their class; ie no hot drinks, thumb tacks, pins or sissors within a childs reach, and no uncovered electronic outlets or unsecured exits for preschoolers.

  2. To know emergency procedures in care of an accident.

  3. To organize and lead the other teachers and children in evacuating the facility in emergency situations.

  4. To be aware of any medical needs of their students.

  5. To meticulously hold to policies- eg two adult rule, ratios, check in/out. To create a happy ministry.

  6. To communicate needs to the children's ministry leader.

  7. To deligate responsibilities to all assistant teachers, training them to be lead teachers.

  8. To focus on and connect with the children – building great relationships with the children should be a key goal of the teaching.

  9. To have music playing at every opportunity during class.

  10. To be totally prepared before class starts and to be ontime.

  11. To hold assistants accountable to being totally prepared and on time.

  12. To consostantly enforce class rules, and gently but firmly deal with any disapline problems.

  13. To have a variety of preselected songs.

  14. To always use an open bible when teaching the lesson.

  15. To encourage the children to bring their bibles.

  16. To encourage the children to be sharing what they learned in class with others.

  17. To instill the life application.

  18. To hold to the objectives put forth in the curriculum.

  19. To help the children with memory work.

  20. To manage snack time.

  21. To evaluate the class and make appropriate adjustments to take it higher.

  22. To dress appropriatly – no torn jeans, dirty sneakers, and to hold assistants to the same standard.

  23. To not allow the children to misuse the supplies.

  24. To communicate with the substitutes what their specific role or responsibility will be. To communicate with parents with a positive, encouraging attitude. If there is a disapline problem, ONLY the lead teacher should handle the communicaition with the parent.

  25. To divide the class so every teacher is praying for a specific group every day.

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