New Book Guides People to "The Jesus Mindset"

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 19:31

JCMindstA new book is now in our Media Store, "The Jesus Mindset."  It helps believers understand the perspective God intends we develop as we follow Christ. For only $13.99, it will prove to be a great investment in your walk with God.

This positive review say it all...

"Every now and then you read a book that changes the way you think about yourself, God and the world. "The Jesus Mindset" was book like that for me! Richard Binns drives home in detail, using great examples, that my mindset on just about everything is not God's mindset. My view of myself and the world is inherently flawed, and this leads to all kinds of consequences: mental slavery, brainwashing, and listening to the destructive lies of Satan. Richard then goes on to lay out the transformative impact of a "Jesus mindset." Again, Richard uses awesome illustrations, examples, and experiences from his own life to illustrate the power of seeing myself the way Jesus sees me. This book has truly shifted the way I view just about everything, helping me to see through the limitations of my human perspective."

Lincoln Gifford

Elder, Greater Hartford Church of Christ

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