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In the fall of 2006 I received the most devastating phone call of my life – my mom had lung cancer. What? In my family?! How could this be? She had never smoked a day in her life, was always the picture of health and, we all expected her to live well into her 90s, maybe even 100. Needless to say, I was confused, overwhelmed, emotional, and distraught.

The next few months were a blur of visits, prayers, tears, and then finally, the call in the early morning hours on February 20, 2009 that she had peacefully passed away. I was shocked and speechless. My grief landscape crumbled.   – From the Introduction

grief journey in motionGrief Journey In Motion: Finding Peace in Grief Recovery is a book that can be used in a group setting or individually. Grief and mourning work is best worked on with others in a safe and confidential, loving environment. These eight-week groups provide the needed support for church members and visitors to walk this journey together, most effectively.

However, some are either not ready to attend a group or are not in a situation where one is provided. In that case, Grief Journey In Motion will provide a rich experience for the reader. A few benefits for those who engage with Grief Journey In Motion are:

  1. Many find the resolution to complex grief issues while engaging in Grief Journey In Motion. Learning to be with Christians who are working through difficult challenges, allows the griever to understand God’s grace, mercy and acceptance in ways not previously understood.

  2. Grief Journey In Motion readers connect to God in new and meaningful ways. God’s vision for a hopeful future is illustrated throughout the book, and in the group sessions and is incorporated into a member’s 
grief journey. Many readers find freedom from years of struggle and hardship. 

  3. Grief Journey In Motion members learn vulnerability with others in a safe and confidential environment. Many come to understand and honor boundaries in their lives. Often, members bring this spirit of openness and vulnerability into their relationships, which allow others to open up and learn vulnerability in a greater way. 

  4. Valuable grief recovery concepts are learned that may be applied throughout a lifetime. The grief journey is an ongoing process where Grief Journey In Motion members learn vital life skills.

  5. Restored relationships are an important part of the recovery process. Grief Journey In Motion readers learn the 
value in reconciling with loved ones hurt during their lifetime. These restored 
relationships impact many other relationships and even, future generations. 

Grief Journey In Motion may be purchased in bulk or individually at the DT Media Store. Dr. Sumerlin is available for weekend workshops and training of group leaders. Find out more by visiting

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