Thanksgiving Poem: The Long Way Home

Tuesday, 21 November 2006 23:05

The Long Way Homedajti Albania



I have been a wanderer 

Where traces I confused
Where idols I created
I have been a nomad of views
I searched in darkness
For something to be whole
For something to get filled 
But not for you Lord
Could I find my way 
When I had no torch
Where lights were broken
The sun was hidden 
From a giant dark ball?
My heart was filled
With numb pain
Sarcasm, anger, dark thoughts
Feelings of emptiness in vain
I have been a wanderer of heart
Of purpose, of beliefs
A wanderer without love
Living hidden like a thief
Till I met your people God
Loving, truthful, righteous men 
And when I felt welcomed
???This is Home, this is Home???-I said again
My Lord, I am coming home
I am coming back to you
The way is hard and long
I???ll pray for faith to make it through
The giant ball hiding the sun
Is a total eclipse of my heart
I turned my back to sunsets 
To finally see the sunrise
This wanderer is finding 
The right track, the right path
Is praying for righteousness
For truth and for grace
I give thanks to you Lord above
I come with my hat full of joy
My bag full of dreams
And my heart full of love.  


Lorie Vangjeli

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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