"Remember" Poem Acknowledges Remembrance Day Featured

Monday, 23 November 2015 20:33

This poetry was written as a spiritual expression of Remembrance Sunday - an annual UK holiday to honor the sacrifices and heroics of those fought to secure freedom for others.

As Romans 13:7 teaches us, "Pay your obligations to everyone: taxes to those you owe taxes, tolls to those you owe tolls, respect to those you owe respect, and honor to those you owe honor."



I remember where I came from; I remember where I’ve been
The sin that so entangled, the sin that wasn’t seen

Out of the muck and the mire I came
An object of wrath, and a picture of shame

My enemy is Satan, with his arrows aflame
Like a prowling lion, to my door he came

The battle I fought - a battlefield of the mind
The freedom I had, was nothing of the kind

I realized my life, felt empty and hollow
Filled with pain, with regrets and sorrow

One day God called me, loud and clear
Come follow me, he whispered, in my ear

God sent His son, as a living sacrifice
To lay down His life; pay the ultimate price

The crucified Christ, took away my sin
So I could be saved, and cleansed from within

To Jesus my Lord, my life I give
I died to self, in order to live

Now I march, to a different beat
I walk with Gods word, as a lamp to my feet

My life’s in God’s hands; He’s in control
I hold on to Him, as an anchor for my soul

Death, now defeated, has lost its sting
Hail to the victor, to Jesus the King

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