Question Marks or Exclamation Points? Featured

Monday, 22 January 2018 13:21

How would you describe your faith? Can you describe your faith with an exclamation point! Many of us live our faith with questions that don't seem to have obvious answers.
mom pop oregonSo, we hesitate and seem to come up with other questions that create even more hesitation. Questions are normal, but we can answer them with exclamation points! Questions answered with endless questions will not produce faith inspired decisions. We need to pray, fast, ask questions, seek advice then answer with exclamation points!

As our youngest approached high school graduation, we started asking questions that led to exclamation points! After 12 years in Southern California we felt very comfortable. We wanted to step out on greater faith. Our first question was how should we use our new empty nester status for God? We were ready but then faced the second question of where: US or Asia? Matthew 7:7 helped us believe that if we ask, seek and knock, God would answer. And God answered with an exclamation point!

We heard the call for Eugene, Oregon! Eugene is home of the University of Oregon, the Ducks. Eugene is two hours from one of my best friends, Steve Johnson. My wife, Cheryl, received an offer to help start a medical clinic in Eugene. Eleven One Year Challenge disciples decided to join us and live in two houses near the UO campus.

oregon scenicSoon, disciples in nearby towns contacted us and began worshiping with us in Eugene. Instead of asking these disciples to move to Eugene we started making plans to start fellowships (house churches) throughout the state of Oregon. The idea of Mom and Pop leadership sprouted from the need: leadership that could support themselves but did not necessarily have fulltime ministry experience.

If Mom and Pop couples feel they can love God first, build family and open the word to help others then you are ready! Mom and Pop couples could move to towns all over Oregon and use their homes for Sunday and Wednesday house church services.

So far, we have a Mom and Pop, Carri and Garth Jensen, leading in Corvallis, OR, the home of Oregon State University. They meet in the Jensen's home and have 20-25 attending. There are four towns in Oregon that need Mom and Pop couples immediately. Disciples in those communities are waiting for Mom and Pop leadership to officially start a house church in their town.

If you are interested in Oregon house church leadership, we'd like to hear from you! Just contact Kelly and Cheryl Boyd at 951-234-4785 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our God answers questions with exclamation points!

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