All the OYC Guys Are Back Together, and a Baptism in Berlin! Featured

Friday, 03 March 2017 12:04

katarina baptism berlinThis week, one of the OYC guys returns after his honeymoon, and we celebrate a baptism in Berlin. Welcome, Katarina, to the family of God! We pray for many more to come to faith in Jesus in Berlin, and all over the world. 

Disciples who go on a One Year Challenge do so out of love and sincerity, not for money. But it's helpful to know exactly how you will be supported financially. "Does the church support me or do I get a full time job?" Watch this week's video to get an answer to this often-asked question.  

New content this week on the One Year Challenge blog:

  • Philip: Church Building Outside the Limelight: Following the Great Commission might mean picking up your mat and going to a less desirable country or city that no one’s ever heard of.

  • Great Images: The Songs of the Bible: Check out this graphic that lists the songs found in the Bible.

  • What We're Reading Today: This week's featured excerpt for disciples considering the OYC is taken from John Piper’s Brothers, We Are Not Professionals.

  • Great Missionary Lives: Over the course of their lives, Cyril and Methodius fought to have the Bible and liturgy translated into their native language, Slavic, despite opposition.

  • Your Life is Your Sermon: The lives that we live often speak more about our passion and love for God than any of our words. Kevin Mains’ love for God showed in his passion for missions and his desire to see churches planted, especially in the southwest United States.

  • Monday Music: Songs from OYC Sites around the World: Every week we'll share some music in different languages. This week’s Monday Music is from Quebec, Canada! 

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