ATHENS, GEORGIA... $115,000 Special is 3X last year's...8 campus baptisms

The latest good news from Athens, Georgia, USA, the home of the University of Georgia:

  1. We collected over $115,000 at our missions contribution last Sunday! This is up from $37,000 last year! With this offering we will be planting the Clemson church and continuing in our support for the Caribbean churches.
  2. It was great to see God working right up to the end of the semester where we saw 4 campus baptisms over the last 2 weeks, totaling 8 baptisms for the Spring semester!
  3. Our Spring Banquet on Wednesday was an amazing end to the year where we honored our 8 graduates. It was our largest campus banquet ever with close to 150 in attendance including our students and campus shepherding couples.
  4. Interest in ministry training is up! Last year, only one student from Athens attended the summer internship program in Atlanta. This year 12 students from Athens are attending!
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China Campus Story

With 700 members, the China underground churches baptized 62 campus students last year! Since 2002, the campus baptisms have been steadily increasing. The re-emphasis of Campus Ministry under the leadership of the China Mission Council is seeing encouraging results. Here is one of the good news happened recently. Henry (not his real name) is one of our newly baptized brothers in the campus ministry in China so far this year. He has a rather legendary past - he quit school while still in junior high but went on to become a postgraduate student at his University through self study. Henry is a friend of John, who has been a Christian for only two months!

KOREA: College campus student now becomes professor of her school

Sun Hee Park was met by disciples when she attended a language program in Australia, in 1994. A year later, she was invited to church by disciples in Seoul. She was the 103rd person that was baptized that summer when the church baptized over 100 people in two months. She has been a faithful disciple for 13 years and this year God blessed her in a special way. She has been appointed as professor of Ewha Women’s University, one of the most prestigious schools in Korea. She herself was a student at Ewha as a disciple. Her parents had persecuted her a lot during her college years since she was constantly reaching out to her brother and friends and committed to attend all church events. Her brother, Won Ju Park eventually was baptized. Together they did not shrink back, but continued to love, serve and preach God’s word boldly. After 13 years her parents and her sister are studying the bible. Although her parents never approved Christianity they were deeply impacted by the love of the disciples and by the faithful lives of SH and WJ. They never ceased praying for their family. God loves us so much He has a plan for each member of our family. Let us never lose heart as we persevere in our prayers for our families.

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UCONN Ministry Seeks Paid Woman Campus Intern

The University of Connecticut sits in the northeastern corner of the state in between Hartford and Groton and southwest of Worcester, Massachusetts. There are well over 20,000 students who flock annually to study at U Conn in Storrs, CT, and over 110 countries are represented in the student population. For eight years in a row, U.S. News and World Report has ranked U Conn as the number one public institution in New England. Perhaps this is because four out of ten incoming freshmen are in the top 10% of their high school graduating class and 8 of 10 come from the top 25%. It may also be because in the past 13 years there have been eight NCAA Division I national championships, 32 Big East tournament wins and 40 Big East regular season titles. For whatever reason, the growth of the school has flourished for years and millions of dollars are being pumped back into her academic and athletic endeavors.

BOSTON: 2007 Great Year on Campus!

The Boston campus ministry is in the throws of a revival. Over the last several years as various challenges have impacted the church, the fervor, faith and impact of the campus ministry waned. Many battles have been fought to restore the hearts and minds of the students. As 2007 came to a close the Boston campus ministry has seen multiplied workers, increased unity and the most conversions seen since 2002: 16 conversions have taken place. There have been souls saved at MIT, Harvard, BC, Emmanuel and others.

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God's Electronic Evangelism - the Power of the Web

Often the web is a place of danger for youth and adults alike, with so many tempting websites available at just the click of a button. But the web can also be a great tool for the Kingdom! Recently a small band of teen disciples, 3 in all, decided tohave a Bible Talk at their campus. With much zeal they evangelized on their campus, made many new friends and prayed constantly. They even decided to send the message about the bible talk to anyone on the campus network via the school web board. It was a great surprise when a young man showed up to the bible talk that no one remembered inviting. He had read the message board and decided to come for the Bible Talk. Not only did he show up, he loved the bible talk and the fellowship and has started studying the Bible. Amen for their faith and zeal to 'spread the word wherever they go'.

New Campus Interns on the Block in Lagos, Nigeria!

The Lagos church is truly grateful to the administrators of the Beam funds. With the donation made available to us, we have been able to hire 4 new interns – 2 men and 2 women.

We are thrilled to have these young people, full of vision dreams and energy, storming our three big Lagos campuses, the University of Lagos; the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos and the Yaba College of Technology.

The interns are (centered) Yinka Fowowe, Christie Edi, Onyinyechi Iwuoha and Adeniyi Adeyemi. We are excited about the impact they will make on our campus ministry and even on the entire church. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US.

God Brings 62 Students to Christ in China

God is blessing the re-emphasis of Campus Ministry under the leadership of the China Mission Council with encouraging results.

With 700 members, the China underground churches baptized 62 campus students last year! Since 2002, the campus baptisms have been steadily increasing. Here is one story of good news that happened recently.

God and Science: A Lecture Event @ Harvard University April 11th, 2008 (Click Here to See Video)

Over a hundred student visitors (35 of which were from Harvard University) came out to hear God & Science:  A Lecture Event.  This event was sponsored by Harvard's ungraduate counsel through the faith and hard work of  Stefan Wernli (recently baptized disciple, master degree student at Harvard University) and the rest of the Harvard Ministry. The lecture was videotaped and given by Dr. Howard Loree & Dr. Dean Farmer both scientists who are strong disciples of Christ.  This event speaks of the science behind the intelligent design model.  The event went off with a big bang as many studied the bible and were baptized from this event.  We are excited about the campus exposion in Boston and the rebirth of the Harvard Ministry.