ICOC Calabar, Nigeria Campus Day Celebration

The campus students in the Calabar Church had a special service on Sunday, July 20, 2014 as they led the entire aspect of the church’s worship service, from ushering to communion, contribution to the Poor talk and the message proper.

Cultivate Your Campus During the Summer

Every August, hundreds of incoming freshman and their families arrive on the universities around the country to start the adventure of the college life.

Seattle ICOC Historymakers Hit the UK!

Heartfelt thanks go out from the Birmingham church, and the churches in Scotland, to the churches in the Northwest Family, for sending the Historymakers to us! Historymakers is a year-long internship program in the Seattle Church of Christ ithat started with seven months in Seattle, two months in Anchorage, Alaska, and is now ending with six weeks in Birmingham, England.

Brazilian Campus Conference: O Bom Combate

This weekend (May 1-4) in Rio de Janeiro over 140 campus students from around Brazil came together for inspiration, encouragement and fellowship. For a number of years, there had not been campus conferences or even many campus students in our family of churches here in Brazil. In the past few years, however, God has been renewing passion and dreams for campus ministry as well as bringing students to know him. 

Baltimore Students Bring 100 Visitors to Campus-Led Service

There are nearly 350,000 college students in Baltimore spread across 55 accredited institutions. There were 35 campus students in the Baltimore campus ministry. The math is simple, and the ministry is all on board to leave their mark on their respective schools. This past week nearly 10,000 college students were handed invitations to attend The Greater Baltimore Church of Christ's first campus led Sunday service of the year. 

Invitation to Join Canadian Campus Training Program This Spring

If you are a college or university Student, this is your personal invitation to join us in the city of Toronto from April 30 - May 10 for ten incredible days of the Campus Training Program. 

600 ICOC Students Gather for Southeast Campus Retreat

About 600 campus disciples of Jesus gathered in the mountains near Asheville, NC from February 28 through March 2 to study the book of Hebrews, fellowship, sing, laugh and pray.

Ukraine: Campus Disciples United in the Divided Capital

Greetings from the Eastern European Leadership Conference and the first annual Eastern European Winter Campus Conference!