Lagos Hosts 2013 Campus Leadership Conference

August 28th-Sept. 1st was the 2013 International Campus Leadership Conference (ICLC) in Lagos, Nigeria!

European Campus Retreat Unifies and Inspires Many

Paris, considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, had the opportunity to host the most beautiful hearts in Europe for one week of the European Campus Retreat. The beginning of August was filled with love, encouragement, deep relationships and zeal for God. The theme, “Jesus: Man of Zeal” pushed the 41 students from seven countries in Europe to “get out of their comfort zone," as Zeke Mariscotti (Milano, Italy) described.

Tuscon Internship a Huge Success

 The Tucson Church of Christ internship program was a huge success with seven disciples participating over the course of two months. The work of these disciples helped the church grow by eight disciples in the month of July! Each disciple was called to share their faith with 50 people per week, read four books, study the Bible with at least one person per week, serve weekly and exercise three times per week. Three times a week we gathered to read the Bible, pray, preach, go out sharing and encourage each other. A man named Charles Wilson was met early in the program and was baptized in July!

London Campus Internship Lights Up the World

Twenty-four campus students recently returned from a summer internship in London. Read inspiring accounts from two of the students here!

My Friend Tyler Ting: A Colorado Conversion Story

Tyler Ting grew up in Carbondale, Colorado, a small town 170 miles West of Denver. Members from a local church used to come by his house to introduce him to the Bible, but he didn’t understand the need for a lot of rules from a God he considered full of wrath.

ICMC Through San Diego's Eyes

For many of us getting to the ICMC 2013 required a labor of love. We sold brownies, washed cars, asked for donations, and prayed for our efforts to be blessed. By the time we got there, we were ready to settle in and learn, happily oblivious to the work going on around us.

European Campus Ministry Retreat

The campus ministries across Europe are excited to gather for a week-long campus retreat from August 2-9. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register today!

Middle East ICMC

This year's campus conference theme is "Bent on Conquest"! We take this theme from Revelation 6:2, where we see Jesus coming from heaven to Judge the world and bring his people home. He comes "as a conqueror bent on Conquest!" As disciples of Jesus we recognize that we must set out with the same heart and attitude to spread the gospel and advance God's kingdom, while there is still time. With our Bibles in hand, zeal in our hearts, and our eyes fixed on Jesus, we march forward. Today we begin on the campuses and with the singles of the Middle East, where the nations have already been gathered. Tomorrow we launch out to all the nations and the world! With this pure and simple faith, compelled by love, and in the power of the spirit, we the men and women of the International Churches of Christ set out to take the world for Jesus. We are bent on conquest! 

1,500 Disciples Attend ICMC East in Orlando

Orlando, FL – “Waking up this morning thinking I was still in Florida! Man I miss being around the brothers and sisters,” said Bradley Horn from Fort Wayne, IN. “Had an amazing time at this conference,” said Hubert Phanord from Miami, FL. These are just a couple of the comments that were made about this years ICMC East in Orlando via our Facebook page. This year's ICMC East took place at the Caribe Royale Hotel & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with the Florida Discipleship Conference. Not only did disciples from the East Coast attend but also disciples from Canada, Colombia, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Nigeria!