ICMC East & West Inspire 2,700 Strong

2700 campus students from across North America were filled with inspiration and vision this weekend at epic ICMCs in San Diego and Orlando. See some of the highlights below!

Bent on Conquest - Day 3

I needed to walk outside and pray when I got back into Los Angeles today because I was now 140 miles away from San Diego and the conference, and Satan wanted me to feel the distance. I prayed for  character; I know much of that has been filleted and exposed and I want to fight it , and not merely empathize with conviction. I prayed for  courage; I know it is easy to feel strong when faith is being built up, but not tested. Then I sat down and reread this:

What is my Role?

As I kid, I knew exactly who I wanted to be for the rest of my life. It changed every year.

My friend Boris was new to the country; he was a bright-eyed Vietnamese kid with a scissor straight bowl cut, who would bang on the ground when he laughed. I used to go over to play at Boris's house and immediately call dibs on my favorite character of the moment. When I would ask him who he wanted to be, he would stare at me before saying, “Yeah, I be that too.” When I explained to him that that wasn’t how it worked, he never got mad—he would just scrunch his forehead together in thought and say, “ Ok, I be his friend then.” For years, it was the Black Power Ranger, and “his friend.” Then Tin Tin, adventuring throughout Paris and solving mysteries with “his friend.” Finally, Black Jackie Chan never left home without his main man, “friend.” I have not seen Boris since I was 9. I hope he still pounds on the ground when he laughs. And has that bowl cut.

Triangle NC Campus Reloads, Arms for Battle

The Triangle NC Campus ministry, reaching out to the Duke Blue Devils, UNC Tar Heels, NC Central Eagles and the NC State Wolf pack, is busy and focused this summer on reloading and arming for battle.

ICMC West Registration Deadline Extended

The registration deadline for ICMC West in San Diego has been extended to Monday, June 24th. 

Click here to register now! For more information on registration, transportation, and schedule, visit the ICMC West homepage or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Still curious about signing up? Watch the video below for the top 10 reasons to attend ICMC West!

There are still slots available for Volunteer Corps, a HOPE project running immediately after the ICMC, where participants will be able to serve an orphanage in Mexico. Read more here and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up!