Campus Ministry Job Openings

Calling campus ministers and aspiring campus ministers! Are you looking for a change? This is an exciting time in campus ministry, as churches around the world are seeking help to reach out to the next generation. There are currently several job openings for full-time leadership positions. In addition, internship positions are available for one month, a summer, or one year. Click on the following cities to find out more information!

Central New Jersey

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Seattle Students Making an Impact

The cold and wet Northwest winters usually mean that students spend their time indoors and away from others. This winter though, the brothers and sisters in Seattle have seen God work in a way that has inspired the faith of the Church.  The year started with many of our friends coming back from Christmas break desiring to continue studying the Bible and reconcile with God.  One by one, and some weeks, two by two, they made decisions to get baptized into Christ.  It was pretty unique for the winter quarter and I believe it has much to do with the spirit of the disciples who spent the fall quarter growing closer to God and growing closer as a campus family. We spent the fall with a focus on God and started the winter quarter with an all night prayer for our friends; and God did amazing things. This Wednesday, we baptized the ninth college student this year.

ICMC West in San Diego

This year's theme is Bent on Conquest! We take this theme from Revelation 6:2, where we see Jesus coming from heaven to Judge the world and bring his people home. He comes "as a conqueror bent on Conquest!" As disciples of Jesus we recognize that we must set out with the same heart and attitude to spread the gospel and advance God's kingdom, while there is still time. With our Bibles in hand, zeal in our hearts, and our eyes fixed on Jesus, we march forward. Today we begin on the campuses of America, where the nations have already been gathered. Tomorrow we launch out to all the nations and the world! With this pure and simple faith, compelled by love, and in the power of the spirit, we the students of the International Churches of Christ set out to take the world for Jesus. We are bent on Conquest!

ICMC East in Orlando

The 2013 International Campus Ministry Conference for the East Coast will be held on July 4-7 in no other than Orlando, Florida! “The City Beautiful” will welcome you warmly as you spend an amazing time with about 1500 campus disciples from all over the east coast of the US! “Be our guest” as you hear inspiring messages and worship together focusing on this year’s theme: Bent on Conquest! We will all learn together how to fight wholeheartedly for the spiritual victory of our Lord -- for our souls and the souls of those around us! We will also be meeting alongside all of our Florida and Louisiana brothers and sisters as the Florida Discipleship Conference assembles simultaneously! We will all be together for our Sunday worship service, so you are bound to be inspired!

The Bible teaching, music devotionals, and inspiring good news will not be the only unforgettable moments in your weekend…if you are coming to the VACATION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, don’t even think you will leave without having tons of FUN! Much free time will allow you to experience great fellowship and build memories at the BEST amusement parks, international shopping, GREAT restaurants…and it’s even close enough for a beach trip!

The conference will be held at the beautiful Caribe Royale All-Suite Hotel and Convention Center, just minutes away from all the Disney World Resorts, Downtown Disney, Universal CityWalk, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure (home of Harry Potter World!), Sea World, and the world-famous International Drive, where there many more places to enjoy with your brothers and sisters!

Early registration has begun with a cost of $90 ($85 for HS Seniors) and you may make your reservations with the hotel at a discounted rate of $99/night (MAX 4 people per room). We will have a free ICMC East App available to download on your phone or tablet in the near future, which will have up-to-date access to all the details of the conference: schedule, class listings, maps, and updates during the weekend so you can always know what’s going on! Start planning and praying now to prepare for an incredible weekend!

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2013 ICLC in Nigeria

Nigeria’s campus ministries are excited to announce the 2013 International Campus Ministry Conference! This year’s conference, titled, “BARCODE: Unleashing Hidden Potentials,” will be held from August 28-September 1. The last four conference themes include, “The Whole World Will Know,” “Follow Me,” “Taking it Higher,” and “S.W.A.T.” Past events have been a great success, with disciples in attendance from eleven countries, sponsorship from the business world, and participants from campus fellowships outside the ICOC. They are excited for this year to be the best yet! Click here and here for more information.

SPU – Blessed Are The Eyes That See What You See

If I told you that 5 years ago, when we didn’t have a campus presence at SPU (Seattle Pacific University), that it wasn’t an ideal place to begin a campus ministry, many people would have agreed. I saw many efforts made to help start a ministry there in the past and there were times when I began to doubt whether we would ever see a campus presence of disciples.  It’s a small college that has deep religious traditions, which makes bringing in new ideas and approaches to Christianity difficult. Many thought it might take a full time intern on the campus to provide the students with daily leadership and direction.   And most obviously, there were many complexities of starting a campus ministry in a school where many students and faculty might feel threatened or offended by the differences in our perspectives on conversion, baptism and practical Christianity.

On To Mt. Kilimambogo – The Tale Of a Hike Made By The Campus Ministry

Kenya is a Nation so blessed with sights--natural and man-made--that you could ask all 40 million citizens for their favorites and expect 40 million different answers.
This proved true as the Bereans (Campus Ministry) scaled Mount Kilimambogo over the weekend. The mountain top experience was a sure way to make you want to “express amazement.” From the breathtaking views of the slopes and the surrounding valley to the daunting task of hiking, not to mention the closeness one felt to God. It’s evident even from the past that God uses mountain top experience to help people understand and draw to him in a deeper sense.

Open space campus ministry leaders’ retreat 2011

On the Saturday of December 17th, from 9a.m to 1p.m, a combination of some wild Open Spaces and an artful restaurant in the National Museum of Kenya played host to 20 Bible Talk leaders of the Campus Ministry for few intense hours of RETREATing.

The Leaders used the space as a Special "Quiet" and Learning Time to Re-energize, Re-evaluate, Re-focus and Set Vital Goals for the ministry for the year 2012.