Christmas Break Advice

I wrote this for the campus students but it might benefit the rest of us as well...

It’s Christmas time, campus!! What are your plans? 

Bolivian Campus Ministries October Update

La Paz Campus Ministry

In September, we had a women ́s conference titled "I‘m Loved and Valued" in which we had more than 150 women attend, and 120 of them expressed their desire to study the bible. Many of our campus friends attended and some even invited their friends and family. As a result from the conference we have had many bible studies in the campus and in the church. We are very grateful and sure that God took the glory with all the seeds He is planting. 

In October disciples from all over South America, Central America and the United States got together for the Conferencia de las Americas in Lima, Peru. We had great classes for campus that helped us a lot. Through the many things we learned one was to take the challenge of reaching out to our generation with courage and boldness.

Grover makes Jesus Lord!

Grover is a campus student, we met at a bible talk and was invited by Huascar. He studied the Bible for a couple of months and this past month he decided to get baptized and make Jesus his Lord and savior. It’s amazing to see how God is working on the campuses. To Him be the glory!

Santa Cruz Campus Ministry

We are so encouraged! At the beginning of the month God blessed us with a new brother in Christ. Ricardo Coarite made the decision to be baptized and to follow Jesus. He was invited by a sister to our Sunday service. His constant attendance on Sundays and midweeks demonstrated his interest to learn more. After studying the Bible for nearly four months we could see how God transformed his heart and interests in life.
When we were studying the Bible, Ricardo always said, “Give me more of the Bible.” This is still his favorite saying. We pray for him and for God to use him powerfully in the ministry.

Bolivian Campus Ministry September Update

Recently, we have split our church services in two regions. We meet in downtown and south regions twice a month. We also have a special service every last Sunday. It has been incredible to see our campus rise up and lead in the different areas in our two services.

Joined and Held Together by Every Supporting Ligament

The Lord provided a beautiful autumn weekend, October 14-16, 2016 as the Triangle Church of Christ campus ministry traveled to Clemson, South Carolina for our annual weekend with our treasured brothers and sisters of the Clemson-Foothills Church of Christ and campus ministry. We have done this for about eight years, gathering either in Raleigh or Clemson during the NC State Wolfpack-Clemson Tigers football weekend.

When God is Our Coworker

Without God we are not much, even nothing. With God all things are possible indeed. Sunday, September 18 was the Campus Day and campus-led worship service in the Triangle Church of Christ. The encouragement was rich and can only be explained in light of God being our coworker (1 Corinthians 3:5-9).

South Florida Church Hiring Teachers/Assistants for Early Childhood Learning Center

Foundations Christian Academy (FCA), an early childhood learning center, is looking to hire full-time and part-time teachers. This is a great opportunity for college students or college graduates. FCA has been a ministry of the South Florida Church of Christ in Broward County for 10 years; the school operates in our church-owned facility. From one-year olds through voluntary pre-kindergarten classes and an aftercare program, FCA enrolls over 100 children. 

Bolivian Campus June Update

During the month of May, the campus ministry had an outreach event titled “Revolution.” The weekend event consisted of inviting friends and visitors to a fun sports day and a campus-led service on Sunday. On Saturday we were amazed to see more than 50 people came out to the event. We had fun participating in soccer tournaments, different games and having a BBQ.

San Salvador Students Graduate with Support from Turning Point Church

Two students in the San Salvador Church of Christ recently graduated thanks to the Turning Point Church's Becas (Scholarship) Program! For the last several years, members in the Turning Point Church have been supporting several college students with scholarships.

Bolivian Campus Ministry May Update

In March, disciples from our churches in La Paz and Cochabamba met together for our first conference in Santa Cruz. We had speakers from Florida, Tallahassee and the different parts of Bolivia. The campus ministry attended classes on leadership, encouraging us to rekindle the fire and to bring the mission to universities, and building spiritual friendships.

During our free time many disciples went on dates, fellowshipped or had Bible studies. The Santa Cruz church also held two different dance parties for the disciples. It was a great time of building community in our three churches, as well as building bridges among all of us to be able to glorify God and bring more people to him.