"UnBoxed" Conference in Orlando, April 20-22

Sunday, 19 March 2017 22:34

unboxed logoWe are convinced that there are many new and fresh ideas that would increase Christian outreach and ministry effectiveness, but may never be fleshed out because they are "not the way we have always done things." We want to create an environment to share ideas – an experimental breeding ground if you will – to bring those great ideas out in the open. Our conviction is that while Jesus is perfect, we have not perfected the ways to do "ministry" – nor will we ever – but we ought to continue to grow in our abilities, and learn to accomplish Jesus' purposes in every way that we can.

Are you ready for a change? Ready to have your creative side challenged and encouraged? Ready for fresh, new ideas to accomplish ministry in a more successful, inspiring and Spirit-led way? Ready to honestly and humbly assess current practices and offer new insights? Ready to share some new ideas of your own but lack the audience? Ready to fellowship with people who are like-minded? You are ready for UnBoxed!

UnBoxed is a series of "TED-type" talks with ample time for discussion and bouncing ideas off other like-minded disciples. Join us – you will only regret not attending.
  • April 20-22, 2017
  • Caribe Royale Resort
  • Registration Fee: $100 per person (includes Friday Night Dinner)
  • www.unboxedconference.com 
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