At Age 87, New Disciple Ministers through Drawing Featured

Monday, 08 May 2017 20:31

Meet my friend and our new brother in Christ, Vic Carrabotta! Vic started his career with Stan Lee and Marvel Comics.

He was reconnected with his old friend, Sanford Greene, who is a member of the Columbia Church of Christ and an illustrator for Marvel Comics. They reestablished their relationship when they met at a comic convention some months ago. Vic, now 87 years old, began studying the Bible with myself, Sanford and a few other brothers.

It was our joy to see Vic baptized a couple of months ago. Vic has great passion and his incredible talent is still flowing. One of his passions is to see his creation of STARLADY come to fruition. Please enjoy this recent documentary produced by a very talented USC student and friend, Zack Spencer.

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