A Journey Toward Positive Possibilities

Written by  Lori Ziegler -- San Antonio, TX, USA Sunday, 14 May 2017 22:20

ZieglersKati was diagnosed with Lyme disease in early June 2012, just weeks before she moved to Philadelphia. It was good to get answers and know why she was feeling lousy, but it was rather unfortunate timing from my mom point of view. Right when she was set to leave and take care of herself, I felt a deep calling to hold her close and protect her. Kati was ready to go, and honestly, before her diagnosis, I had come to believe it was best. As close as we are, it was clear that we could only handle one woman in the house - especially in the kitchen.

After her diagnosis, however, I was plagued with fears and doubts. What if she became too sick to take care of herself? What if she didn't take her supplements and vitamins to build up her immune system? What if she didn't get the rest she needed? While working in our pharmacy, I had witnessed first hand some of the debilitating symptoms that can accompany Lyme.

Whether we celebrate or mourn our children leaving home, it seems many of us experience the unsettling pangs of what I call the "what ifs." We want to cheer them on, to believe the best, but fear sometimes tugs quietly on our heart.

What if they flunk out of school?
What if they don't make friends and struggle to fit in at college?
What if they don't follow God?

Throughout their lives, the what ifs can keep us awake at night if we aren't careful. I know one man in his seventies who lies awake many nights trying to sort through the events in his children's lives. He is positive and supportive in his communication, but although his children have grown children of their own, some nights he can't quiet his heart's concerns.

What if they don't get married?
What if they can't find a job?
What if their marriage is bumpy?
What if their spouse cheats on them?
What if they get sick and don't have enough insurance?

We breathe a sigh of relief and say grateful prayers when our kids ride successfully over small and big bumps or maneuver steep learning curves. However, since we have walked the road longer and know more of the twists and turns that could await them, the what ifs continue their attempt to plague us...

What if they have too much debt?
What if they get tired on that long road trip and have an accident?
What if their boss mistreats them and they don't stand up for themselves?
What if they can't have kids?
What if they don't want kids?
What if they suffer emotionally and we are left to watch helplessly on the sidelines?

What if, what if, what if...


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