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The Youth & Family Service Team is primarily concerned about advancing a family-based ministry model and helping to supply resources to help the families of the International Churches of Christ to be spiritually successful. This has primarily been accomplished by training leaders both at an international level (International Conference of Youth & Family Ministry) and at a local level at geographic conferences. Resources have been made available through the website and

The ICYFM has been held four times in the USA, every other year starting in 2007.

The plan is to move the ICYFM to India in December 2015 and Mexico City in 2017.

The USA will continue to address youth & family ministry needs through local geographic conferences.


The Youth and Family Service Team has served to advance healthy teen and family-based ministries in our churches since 2006. At its inception, the committee planned the first Youth and Family Conference in Boston in 2007. The members then coordinated the 2009 ICYFM (International Conference of Youth and Family Ministry) in Chicago, began a resource website at, and worked with leaders from other service teams to facilitate healthy communication.

The second term of the service team advanced the youth & family model around our churches including the development of the Ten Characteristics of Healthy Youth & Family Ministry (see below) and the development of local youth & family conferences in different locations globally including Johannesburg, SE Asia, Lagos, etc.

The team recently hosted the 2013 ICYFM (International Conference of Youth & Family Ministry) in New York City. This conference was hosted at the end of the annual delegates meeting to allow leaders from around the world to participate. The conference ended on Sunday at the 30th anniversary service of the New York City church.

Current Youth & Family Service Team

The World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio, July 2012, marked the end of the second term of the Youth & Family service team. Dave Pocta was re-elected as chairman and started assembling a third team. The current group represents new global representation. The structure of the service team is built around the needed development areas identified to advance youth & family ministry in our churches. This includes a few new areas this term that have not previously been included.

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