A Beautiful Thing: Conor McCormick's Road to Recovery Featured

Written by  Pioneer Valley Church of Christ Wednesday, 03 August 2016 10:16

Reach2016 was absolutely amazing! The product of the countless man-hours and personal sacrifice from thousands of disciples, though impossible to quantify, will certainly be substantial and long-term. Nevertheless, I report to the church the impact on the life of one individual who is turning his recovery fight from a tragic accident into inspiration to an entire region of churches!

conor mccormickConor McCormick was baptized as a young teen. From the very beginning, I believe he was given the spiritual gift of faith. From a preteen his faith has been something special to behold. In the time since his baptism, he started and led a Bible Talk at his school and has helped study with and disciple multiple teens in and out of the church.

Conor and his brother accompanied our family to Reach. They had never been to a conference so large, and they loved it! We had the time of our life. Our faith was built and reinforced in areas that we did not know we would need.

Within a few days of returning home to the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ (Western Massachusetts), Conor experienced an accident that has required him to fight for his life and his faith. Conor was in a pool accident that crushed his C5 vertebra. At the time of this writing, he is unable to breathe on his own and can move very little. Conor needs your prayers and help. His entire life has been altered, and the future is unknown to Conor and his family. As tragic and horrible as this is, let me share with you a beautiful thing: Conor's faith.

conor mccormick 2Conor’s pure, simple faith is mind-blowing and awe-inspiring. It’s beauty demands our attention! For example, when Conor was being taken out of the pool, he was still able to speak (since that time, he has lost that ability...we are praying that it will come back). He told the EMTs that he was really grateful that this happened to him and not the other kids. I had to stop and think about that for a moment. Conor was just being carried out on a stretcher and not able to feel or move anything. Yet, he was thinking of those around him...it was a beautiful thing.

The first week of hospitalization was extremely challenging. Many late nights, very little sleep, lots of pain, and a lot of new realties to soak in. The second day in the hospital, he had a few visitors. The visitors asked him what he wanted to happen. Through blinking and a grid of letters on paper, he was able to spell out: E-V-A-N-G-E-L-I-Z-E T-H-E H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L. Again, let's remember that this young, vibrant 16-year-old, a member of the varsity lacrosse team, cross country team, soccer team, and a swimmer, was now motionless in a hospital bed and barely able to communicate. Yet, what was on his mind?

Jesus. He wanted everyone to know about Jesus. Faith, it is a beautiful thing.

A few nights later, Conor was having a challenging night. One of the brothers was helping the family take care of him that evening. At one point, the brother, unable to figure out what Conor wanted, broke down and told Conor that he wished he could take this away from him. Conor immediately asked for the letter grid and spelled out the following: G-O-D-S P-L-A-N P-E-R-F-E-C-T P-L-A-N. It took 45 minutes of pure concentration to get that message out, but that is what he wanted the brother to know. Faith, it is a beautiful thing.

mccormick familyWhy do I share this with you? First, to beg you to pray for our brother Conor McCormick. The prognosis is grim, the future has been horrifically altered from our point of view, and Conor needs your prayers. He remains spiritually strong, yet Satan is always attacking. He has asked that we pray for three things: 1) Pray for him to breath on his own again. 2) Pray for him to use his hands again. 3) Pray that this impacts those around him for Jesus. The family, the church would appreciate any prayers that you can offer.

Second, I share this with you to inspire you. Hardship and tragedy don't have to drive you away from Christ. They can make you stronger. They can take your voices to places that may never hear the gospel without your challenge.

Since this event 10 days ago, God has moved: a man has decided to get baptized; doctors and nurses, the mayor of his town, and teachers in his school have come to church for Conor’s prayer vigil; some who have left Christ are coming back; and Conor’s voice continues to echo! It is larger than it has ever been. Although we have to confess, we don't like the plan, we will follow Conor's lead and confess that it is part of God's plan. His perfect plan.

team conorFaith, it really is a beautiful thing. You can't take your eyes off of it.

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