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Written by  Eric Testa -- Indianapolis, IN, USA Tuesday, 14 February 2017 14:08

Registration for the 2017 Family Conference, entitled "All Generations" is well under way. This conference aims to inspire and equip people from all over to pass on the faith from generation to generation. As God builds his multi-generational Church, Christians will continue to fulfill God's call to seek and save the lost of all nations.

This article takes a look at an area of the United States that demonstrates one aspect of what this looks like, which is occurring in many places.

In the Midwest portion of the United States, which includes Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana, there are currently 17 unified congregations with a combined membership of over 4,000. An exciting characteristic of these congregations is that 25 of the men and women who serve in the full-time ministry actually grew up in our fellowship of churches. These 25 include one teacher as well as others who are leading churches, regions, campus ministries and youth and family ministries.

  • Midwest StaffRachel (Braun) Allen
  • Devin and Tabitha (Walquist) Cochran
  • Karolynn (Pohl) Faulkner
  • Clint and Christie (Shepherd) Larr
  • Jeremy Lefler
  • Joshua Lutz
  • Christelle (Jonquet) Maxwell
  • Keith Mudiappa
  • Joel Nagel
  • Ross and Samantha (Testa) Sawyer
  • Jaren and Bianca (Fuentez) Singh
  • Carl and Stephanie (Ballina) Sullivan
  • Anthony and Ionela (Rushton) Testa
  • Eric and Megan (Berndt) Testa
  • Charlene (Ondatto) Wills
  • Tanner and Jessica (Fridley) Versage
  • Stevi (Saindon) Wood

This is exciting and similar trends are being seen in many places across our family of churches! Some of these 25 listed were raised in other parts of the United States and some were born or raised outside of the United States. It is important to remember, of course, that aside from these individuals who are in the full-time ministry there are also numerous others not in full-time ministry who are living as lights in this dark world.

Truly, God calls parents to raise children who are prepared to do his will. It is exciting to hear about how all over the world, people who grew up with Christian parents are still living their lives for him!

We urge you to go register today at, and pray with great anticipation of the amazing ways God is going to move through "All Generations" and in all nations!

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