Keeping Teens Faithful After Baptism

Written by  ICYFM Friday, 17 July 2009 18:22

100_2854.jpgLots of training and teaching, lots of time invested, lots of prayers -- and that's all BEFORE a teenager decides to get baptized.  Once our teens hit the water and become Christians, how do we "teach them to obey" and stay faithful to Jesus for the rest of their lives? 

Earlier this year, Youth and Family Minister Kevin Hoecke tackled this very important question at the International Conference of Youth and Family Ministry in Chicago, Illinois.  To listen to Kevin's lesson entitled, "Baptism...Just the Beginning" please   Click Here

Having become a disciple as a freshman in high school, Kevin has always had a heart for Youth Ministry.  He has served in the ministry for 10 years throughout the Midwest and Canada.  Kevin currently serves as the Youth and Family Minister for the church in Toronto, where he resides with his wife Clarissa and children Gabrielle and Carson.  

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