Southeast USA Teen Conference

Written by  Mike Block Wednesday, 03 April 2013 12:18
Over 300 Teens Worship Together!

The Southeastern States of the USA (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama) held their 2013 SEC (Southeast Evangelism Conference) from March 29th to March 31st in Raleigh, North Carolina.

It was an awesome weekend where over 4,000 people gathered to learn how God can do "Immeasurably MORE" than all we ask or imagine.  The conference's theme came from Ephesians 3:20.  

At the conference, the Teens of the Southeast had their own Teen Track which included a Friday night dance party and a Teen Session on Saturday afternoon.  It was simply amazing to have over 300 teens together in the Southeast.  This was the largest gathering of Teens in the Southeast in recent history.

Saturday's Teen Session was the highlight of the weekend for the teens.  The teens from Charlotte and Triangle Churches started us off by leading the worship.  After this the teens got to hear from John and Karen Louis from Signapore who inspired the teens to be the next leaders in God's church and not to wait until they are older.  They also shared about how much radical and faithful teen disciples are needed to spark our churches.  Next, the Teens had a Skype call with some teens from South Africa.  The Teens in South Africa shared how in the last 2 years they have been inspired by the teens in the Southeast who have sacrificed to come to South Africa to help teach them about God and run Swamp Corps.  Lastly, the Teens recieved a charge from Sonny Sessions from Athens, GA (the founder of Camp Swamp) to "Step Up and Stand Out for God" in their high schools and in their ministries.  The time was closed out with mediatative worship, teens praying, and teens writing their spiritual dreams on notecards.

The teens were encouraged and inspiried to do more for God.  I can't wait to hear of all the amazing victories amongst the Teens in the Southeast in 2013.

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