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Denver Teen Serves in Ministry Internship for High School Credit Featured

Written by  Marin Lusk -- Denver, CO Tuesday, 01 April 2014 16:12
Galatians 6:10

denver teen ministry, marin luskIt’s easy to think that doing work for the ministry and work for school are two completely separate entities - our thoughts can even go as far as to think that only one of these areas can thrive while the other suffers. Yet this semester, God blessed me with the amazing opportunity to combine both of these aspects of my life by obtaining high school credit for an internship with the Denver Church of Christ Teen Ministry.

My high school, like many others around the country, holds a semester-long senior-level class called “Professional Internship.” Within this program, students are able to intern with virtually any workplace with hopes that the teens may gain experience in their desired work fields as well as a clearer vision for their future career opportunities. Upon discussing this class option with my teen ministry leader, Bri Perkins, she came up with the wonderful idea for me to intern with the teen ministry. After much prayer and working through the logistics, obtaining school credit for working in the church became a reality.

denver teen ministry, icocSo far, I have had the most incredible experience with my internship! God seriously hooked me up! Not only have I been able to offer a helping hand in strengthening the ministry, I’ve also been able to learn invaluable information through this opportunity. I’m grateful to have been given thorough training in studying the Bible with others, knowledge on how to be an effective leader, and a taste of the “full time ministry.” Within the internship, my focus has been on five important aspects within the ministry: counseling, public speaking, event management, administration, and public service. And on top of all this amazing instruction and training, I’m receiving the additional bonus of class credit!

My hope and prayer is that other upcoming high school seniors will be able to strengthen their own teen ministries, grow spiritually, and get training in their leadership skills before going off to the campus ministry. If you’re in high school, talk to your guidance counselor and see if a program like this is possible for you. With this, more people can make the most of every opportunity available to them to further glorify God and His kingdom!
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