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Written by  Marcus Overstreet -- Fort Lauderdale (FL) Friday, 20 February 2009 06:44
Youth Ministry:  Recommended Reading List
(An important part of loving our teenagers is trying to understand who they are and how they think.)

hurt.jpgBattle Cry For A Generation, Ron Luce
o    This book describes the fight against sin we must engage in to save America's Youth.

Family-Based Youth Ministry, Mark DeVries
o    Young people belong in the life of the church & the church belongs in the lives of its youth.

Hurt, Chap Clark
o    Author spends a year with high school students – getting into their world.  He discovers a sub-culture of American teenagers that feel abandoned and isolated by adults.

The Blessing, Trent & Smalley
o    Jacob received a wonderful blessing from Isaac and it changed his life forever.  This book explores the importance and the numerous ways we can bless our kids.

51anfkmskyl._ss500_.jpgThe Quiver, Douglas Jacoby
o    A different look at raising kids with unique & helpful perspectives from the Bible.

Real Teens, George Barna
o    The author has done many statistical studies on how teenagers think about the most important issues.  He offers his insights in this book.

Parenting with a Kingdom Focus, Ken Hemphill
o    If the parents can model a Kingdom-first mindset, it will make a difference with the kids (because they are paying attention to what we do).

Set Apart, Hughes
o    “Be holy, because I AM holy” is the theme.  Book will help parents bond and work together to lay down the needed boundaries for our teenagers in a corrupt world. 

The DNA of Parent-Teen Relationships, Smalley
o    What’s the key to your teen’s heart?  This book helps communicate and build a relationship with your teen with the goal of preparing him to be a successful, godly adult.

Do Hard Things, Alex & Brett Harris
o    A book written by teenage brothers with the desire to inspire their generation to step up and make a difference.

Raising Awesome Kids Reloaded, Sam & Geri Laing
o    An updated version of this classic DPI book.  New version includes new chapters on technology and teens, pressures of society, and the need for parents to connect with their kids.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters:  10 Secrets Every Father Should Know,
Meg Meeker, M.D.
o    A young woman’s relationship with her father is far more important than we’ve ever realized.  This book gives 10 fantastic tips every father needs to know in raising his daughter.

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